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Great designer to work with. Made multiple changes and was always willing to revise based on our team feedback. Contest experience was very good. Online support great too.

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UPDATE DEC 23 Thanks all for the great submissions. Our team here will reconvene on Friday to decide on the winning design. A few days were needed since some members are away on holiday break. At the latest, the winner be announced on Monday, Dec 30th. Thanks again for everyone's hard work. UPDATE - DEC 20 We had our full Board meeting yesterday and the consensus was to go with a more traditional logo as suspected. No need to submit anymore abstract or too modern designs. Some Board members would like to see a little bit more detail/texture/symbolism (money and people) in the final designs. A few mentioned they would like to see if these is any detail/symbolism that can be incorporated such as what you see in US currency. I also think they like some of the shades/colors/borders in the currency (particularly on the back of the bills). We look forward to seeing if there is any way to get this in a logo, but if it does not work, we understand and will pick the winner on Monday. Good luck and thanks. UPDATE - Dec 17 We had are first Board meeting today with a presentation of various styles of logos (thanks to all of you for your submissions so far). It seems like the Board like more of the traditional style of logo and would like to explore two possible options before we make our decision. 1. An elegant/professional/conservative logo that that incorporates our name, DC state outline or similar. You may also use elements of star/bars (state flag), or any other symbolic element you see fit. I think there is consensus to stay away from Federal symbols, state bird, and tree. There seem to be members that wanted to stay away from too artistic/cartoon/modern type designs. We have older members and they want something that is recognizable. 2. A few members would like to see a design that incorporates elements of money (investment growth and stability) and people (members and the service we provide). It would be beneficial if all designs can also be shown on different surfaces (etched in glass, color options, letterhead, and business cards). Also, how would the logo show up if copied to black and white? Our next meeting is this Thursday and I will be able to further refine what we might be looking for since all members will be in attendance. Thanks again for everyone's hard work on some very creative designs. UPDATE BRIEF -- Dec 11 Thing I learned from first couple of days about what we are looking for in a logo: Meaning: Should project some elements (does not have to be all) as stability, service, retirement, precision, growth. It would be great if some designers can explain what their logo means. Some have done this so far. Retirement Board text should be the same size at least as the words "District of Columbia." We do not want to seem like we are part of DC government since we are independent and don't need District emphasized. We like the gradation effect in designs (meaning colors and shades). This seems to give more of a professional feel. We like bold colors too. We just need to make sure it can be transferred nicely to any black/white copies. I will be uploading some DC representative items to perhaps help with meaning (city tree, flower, bird, etc.). Just ideas, not requirements. In term of using DC flag or state, we would like seeing how it can be used in subtle ways, not to dominate the logo. This project will attempt to create a new logo for the District of Columbia Retirement Board to complement the color palette of the new offices that will open in February 2014. We would like the logo to be different than other agencies in the District utilizing the dc.gov domain (list can be found here - http://directory.dc.gov/) since we are an independent agency. In addition to being separate from the general District and Federal Government (typical red, white and blue logos), we would like a logo that is more modern and possibly convey stability (financially and in retirement) and/or movement. For more information about our mission and history, please visit http://dcrb.dc.gov/page/about-dcrb The logo needs to be complementary to the design of our new office. The cabinets and some walls will be a light gray (Folkstone). The color of the panels will be Deep Ocean Blue. The link shows all the colors that go into making up the Benjamin Moore Deep Ocean 2058-30 is Pantone 7705 C. Scroll down to colors from paint charts and you will see the color. http://encycolorpedia.com/016a86 Some Here is the link and sample of the fabric texture: http://www.knoll.com/knolltextileproductdetail/Photon+II One thing we would like to stay away from is the red, white, and blue theme that is typical of other organizations in the DC government or Federal government. We would like the logo not to be too busy and not more than 3-4 colors. The logo should be able to be copied or modified on black and white, so the shading must be distinguishable since we do always print in color.

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  • Not bad . Like the way you incorporated the stars of the DC flag. The font will not work though. Try some more traditional or conservative font.
    • Hi again CH! I refined the logo in this #48! I suggest these colors but if you want I can make other changes! The B/W logo is one compound shape, meaning can be changed in any other color by just one click. Hope this goes right for you!

  • The P needs to be replaced with B. Try incorporating some DC star (3) and perhaps another color scheme as option.
    • Thanks for the valuable feedback. I revised the logo (sorry for the P/B mixup), by adding DC symbol (star and lower part of the circle). I also put in some red. I guess it is ok, you only want to avoid red/blue/white combo not the individual colors, right? Please see #41. Regards Andrei

  • Hi I entered with #37, please take a look and share some thoughts. Thank you! Andrei
  • Try some other color combos with this
  • Won't work for a governmental serious organization. Too much use of triangle too.
    • Hi ch! Thank you for the feedback! What about this idea: #39

  • I think too modern/tech for our taste.
  • Too much like another DC logo. UDC.
    • Thank you for your feedback. Maybe it's because the design carries the concept of feather too. I'll try to reduce the similarity. Any ideas or feedback will help. Thanks.

  • one design allowed in an entry, you have several in your entries http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/district-of-columbia-retirement-board-dcrb/entry/9
  • [This message has been removed from the comment page]
  • Hello! I have submitted Entry #2, and would love to hear your thoughts/changes you might suggest. Thanks!
    • We like the sense of movement. There may be too much similarity to the other retirement systems in terms of triangle. Waiting for feedback from others on colors. The third variation would probably work for a back and white copy.

    • Great. I can work on incorporating that sense of movement into other shapes/forms if you'd like - do you have any in particular you might like to see?

    • Nothing particular. We just want to be unique I think and have some options. I think once we see the shape we could recognize it. Another option I was thinking about was incorporating the DC semi triangle (see in a couple examples).

    • All right, I will work up a few different versions while trying to maintain the sense of movement. If you'd like to see anything specifically just let me know, as well as what others think of the colors. As far as the semi triangle examples, do you mean the ones in the download file attached to the brief?

    • Yes, the semi triangle is DC and is the geographic map of our city. Our flag is stars and bars red. I will upload an example if designers would like to incorporate, but again, we kind of want to be different from the rest of DC government.

    • Okay, well I can work on some version incorporating those ideas, and some in other directions. Thanks for the quick feedback and prompt responses, I'll have new versions up as soon as possible.

  • Too much like our current logo. #1 definitely no. # and #3 Shading won't work. C looks like O. Don't need to say DCRB twice in logo. Looking for new design and feel. See examples in Word document.
  • We are looking for something with some meaning and also some motion. I will have to update my brief after a meeting today to give more clarity.
    • Ok,thank you for your answer.I'm looking forward to read your updated brief. Regards! Rhetor

    • Updated the brief.

  • Hello danielhernandez; #69 concept is a happy and glorious ending of a one of its kind journey.
  • I am eliminating a bunch of colors we don't like, so if you need more uploads, let me know.
  • Try making DCRB bigger and bolder. Not too fond of red on the right side of triangle. Probably could be one color.
    • Hi I made it blue/black. Check #68 please. thank you. Andrei

  • #67 - Thanks for your consideration of my entry. This logo can be customized in any color scheme- but I went with the Ocean Blue that you cited since it was a natural place to start. The shading/dimension given to the graphic of D.C. is meant to give it a more modern feel- as well as the typeface used on "District of Columbia." The star was taken from D.C.'s flag - and kept subtle though placed to draw attention to "DCRB."
  • Not our style, but try something you did for like your Sideris Capital Partners logo. If you can incorporate some meaning into it and possibility a DC reference, that might work. We are looking for symbol, motion, and meaning.
  • Too simplistic, odd shape, color off, not proper use of DC items. Looking for more a symbol with meaning, easy to recognize, and some movement. Will update my brief later today after a meeting of my folks.
  • The D would not work for us and we can't make out the center item. Is it a leaf? I think we are leaning more to a symbol with some meaning.
  • I don't think the wing idea will work for DCRB.