Dive for Adventure Needs An Awesome New Logo!!

Using Design Contest for our new logo was a huge success. Chosing a winner was the hardest part - each design was fresh, new, full of imagination and a potential winner. These designers put out product that we had never thought of - the degree of skill shown by these entries is magnificant. Using Design Contest was indeed a stroke of genius and we will not hesitate to use them again! Thanks so much for the entries and the imagination!

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Winning design #102 by carlosarova, Logo Design for Dive for Adventure Needs An Awesome New Logo!! Contest
Gold Medal

designed by carlosarova

Project description

We are looking for a unique, "watery" logo that can be used for print, websites, and video/photo branding. We prefer clean, fresh designs - not too busy, yet reflecting a watery feeling or a feeling of immersion as would be felt in diving. Colors should be water oriented - blues, teals, etc. The official font for Dive For Adventure is Baka and that could be worked into the logo, but is not at all a requirement. DFA travels around the world so an exotic feel might be nice. We are open-minded and excited to review any and all ideas from designers - - really, nothing is excluded - we're just looking for a great logo! Dive for Adventure is the webisode/episode needing the logo.

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  • Dear Contest Holder, Please take a moment to view a slightly different idea #121. I decided to stay away from fish and sharks simply because when you're diving you see all kinds of creatures, colors and plants. I am determined to keep the design simple, readable and adventurous. Will greatly appreciate your comments and critique.
  • Dear Contest Holder, Please take a moment to view my submission #120. I will appreciate your comments and critique, if you're interested I will push and develop my design further to reach your vision. Thank you in advance.
  • hi this is my first proposal, i hope you'll like it feedback is much appreciated
  • Great patch logo
  • I would love to use this for a kid's site - it is incredible - very colorful and attractive. For an audience in the 30-64 range I think the appeal may be too young.
  • Awesome - but it would be good to get away from the shark profile. Got any other adventurous marine fish/mammals around?
  • Good concept - hard to read
  • Love the reflection, but really aimed at too young of an audience.
  • #111 and #112 Dear CH, Please check my design concept. hope you like it. please let me know if you want some change. any revision will be done. thanks
  • Dear Seaurchin8 ignore the colours of the submits 106,107,108 i have i little problem uploading the logos ( i forgot to changes the settings, sorry ) if you bring me the opportunity i can fix it. Regards
  • I am curious to know what you think. The image I created is in representation of a sea creature that is in a constant dive (following the circle), and in the process, it creates the shutter of a lens of a camera. I tried it with a couple different fonts (one being rather normal and the other a little more edgy). The colors i chose were to give it a water feel.
  • posted entry #100, tried to made it simple and water like feel...
  • My entry #73 has a more legible font...as per your request over my entry #35. Thanks for looking.
  • You were right - without the wave is better! Thanks for showing us.
  • Very nice movement. Maybe a compass rose in the middle of the "d" rather than a fish would bring about the adventure feeling we are looking for.
  • Really great concept, but hard to read. Maybe change the font a bit??
  • This is on the right track. My partner is delighted. He feels the use of the compass rose is tightly related with the adventure of worldwide travel. Great job!
  • a new logo signifies the adventurous diving.i can change the 'for adventure' font in your preference
  • #94 Dear Contest Holder, I just add some strokes to this entry. Hope it works. Thank you.
  • #93 Dear Contest Holder, Hope you like my entry. Thank you.