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Amazing experience throughout the whole contest process. Are winning designer was just amazing. The logo we had in our heads when discussing this process he was able to put it on paper and we are still in shock how great it came out. Overall DesignContest is amazing and I will recommend this service to any and everyone I know that needs a design.

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Winning design #66 by goandre80, Logo Design for Dixie Peddlers Contest
Gold Medal

designed by goandre80

Project description

-We are a small business located in the south that sells basically everything and anything we can get our hands on. We are your normal everyday pickers and also sell everything from handmade to wholesale items. We started our business in 2014 and now it's time for us to stand out from the rest.

-We are looking for a southern vintage, rustic, old time logo something that fits the south. We don't want "Vintage Store" or "Antique Store" added to the logo. You can add Since or ESTD 2014 to the logo. We have some basic ideas such as maybe some type of wagon wheel with a banner across the center with our business name Dixie Peddlers. Or even just a unique southern rustic logo that doesn't include the wagon wheel idea. No modern looking logos please. Basically we are looking for something that stands out, makes use look interesting and helps set us apart from everyone else . Something different that nobody has ever seen and that is very eye catching. Overall we are looking for our name in one color something mainly rust orange or could be navy blue even a  "farmhouse" blue.

Main Points:
1. Logo that is southern, rustic, old looking, vintage feel to it.
2. Please not added words such as Vintage or Antique Store.
3. Any idea that deals with a "Peddler"
4. A design where we can also have the font of our name separate from the logo itself. EX: Our main logo then also Dixie Peddlers in the font used in the    logo by itself. This way we can use the logo and the font design of our name in different places.
5. Rustic or Navy Blue color or what comes to kind that fits the southern logo feel.

We have added some logos and designs that we really like and hopefully will help in our design.

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  • This concept is what is important. The numbers and colors can be changed to fit your situation.

    You offer so many things and you want to get people in your store.
    Getting people to your store is your most important focus because that brings you income.
    By showing an item as a graphics you limit the perception of what your store offers.
    I suggest no graphic and let the customer's mind take over.
    Curiousity and letting the customer think about what might be there is so important in your situation.

    Everything Under One Roof!
    Shows that you have everything in one place.
    It's also in the shape of a warehouse roof.

    200 Years of Collectables (number changeable)
    #### to ####
    This helps a potential customer to visualize large amounts of stuff.

    Now Over 15,000 Items (number changeable)
    This helps again in showing that there must be something for the potential customer.

    Dixie Peddlers
    The last thing is the name because now they know you have items, lots of them.
    People want to go to a store that has inventory to choose from.
    The logo looks like a billboard so it also gives the perception you are big.

    Now you have created curiousity in someone's mind.
    You have described that you have various ages of items.
    You have given them a number of items so there has to be something there (in their minds) for them.
    You've shown it's all there under one roof. #121
  • If I understand correctly you want to appear unique, have people visit your location, and look vintage. I have a solution. I will have it for you close to the closing of the contest. It's a concept and if you like it I will put in actual numbers. See you close to closing of the contest.
  • hello, hope you like my design.
    #111 #112
  • I hope you're happy with the design that one in. thanks #100
  • I think this is an amazing concept for your company. What do you think? Thank you #99
  • thank you #98
  • I think this is an amazing concept for your company. What do you think? Thank you #93
  • I think this is an amazing concept for your company. What do you think? Thank you #91
  • Thank you for ratings you gave to my design. I sincerely hope your suggestions to improve this design or you have a new idea. I keep trying to improve this design and create a design with different ideas. Thank you sir.. #60
  • Goood day!

    This is my new logo design for dixie and peddlers. #89
  • how do you about this one sir ?
    i hope you give feedback to me.
    thanks. #76
  • Good day sir. I hope you like my design thank you. #79
  • how do you about this one sir ?
    i hope you give feedback to me.
    thanks. #75
  • the other mode #74
  • since 2014....... bigger #73
  • Do you like it? I hope to send some feadbacks #72
  • Hey guys!Another one this is a little more complex. :)


    Andrea #66
  • Hi!I'm Andrea from Italy,if you like that feel free to contact me for improvements or corrections.Use the zoom lens in the topfor watch the image in full resolution.Tell me if you want to change the text "Vintage store" "colors" or something like that i'm totally opened to any advice.

    Cheers. :)

    Andrea #34
    • @goandre80 Thank You Andrea for the amazing looking logo. If you are the winner we will review and ask for any changes. Thanks again looks great!!!!!

    • @dixiepeddlers Ok thanks. :)

    • @dixiepeddlers Ok thanks. :)

    • @goandre80 We have added another 7 days and now a guarantee. If you have any more ideas please send them. We like your style and your on point with what we are looking for in a logo. If you come up with any other ideas for use a logo please put them in. Thanks again

  • If something needs to change, write to me. Thank you! #41
  • Dear CH, please check my design and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #32