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Competition is healthy, and there is no doubt that this site brings good competition. Artists get to build a portfolio and businesses get to build a brand or identity. I am very pleased with how things turned out.

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Winning design #67 by rub07, Logo Design for DJ Unprotected Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rub07

Project description

DJ Unprotected is my DJ alias. The type of audience I am trying to reach with my logo is club managers, record labels, and potential fans. More of a club DJ (laser lights, black lights, etc), instead of a traditional private party DJ (balloons and clowns). My musical style is a mix of vocal music, and groovy rhythmic house music. My DJ personality and performance style is fluid, overlaying, continuous, and exciting. If I could describe my musical influence in three words it would be: passionate, emotional, energetic. Imagine video intros, websites, business cards etc. A logo that can work B/W, color, etc. Put more emphasis on originality in the letters. Please avoid the cliche look involving turntables or some kind of DJ gear. I'm looking for originality, and building a brand. Thank you!

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  • This is very unique and a new concept. The "unprotected" needs a way to stand out. At first glance, the DJ is the only thing noticeable. Thank you for your submission, a good idea!
    • Well you said you want to create a brand so I went for unique :-) 2 revisions on #8 and #9. Let me know if you like any. Thanks so much!

    • Thanks so much for rating #9. #18 is a revision but if you want me to follow any specific guidelines just let me know. Thank you!

  • Hi! #12 is my first try. Text font with custom drawed modern characters. Hand mean: attention, party, unprotected. Color is just an example. You can see B&W at the bottom of the image.
  • Ok about #10. I made the "J" a little shorter and then spaced out "unprotected" a little more. There isn't a drastic difference, so if you'd like to see it fixed a little more, let me know! Also, I couldn't delete or replace the original #4 (or at least I couldn't figure it out. So....if someone knows let me know!)
    • It's a good design, and thank you for updating it. My initial thoughts are: it's classy, unique, and that signal under the righting was a nice touch. I'm going to ask my friends what they think. Good job. Oh.. I don't think you can delete or replace previous entries, my guess is they put a submission cap for designers. Thank you for submitting, I'll let you know if I think of any suggestions.

  • The power button symbol is very cool! Good job on innovating that symbol. I do not like the lettering, It seems a little childish. The letters need to be edgy. Go with Red instead of green. I like the power button concept, continue to play with that idea in the name. Maybe on the "O" instead of the U. It might be perceived as "DJ ONprotected". Thank you for your submission!
    • Thanks for the suggestion I make change morning and sent it :)

  • here is my proposal I hope you pleases :) the logo above ignition has an effect that is as if it were neon when you're in a disco you dance and move your view lights as well as moving and typography is solid strong gradient. U icon would turn the music :) any changes you send me
    • Comment posted to your submission.

  • This is a very cool design! Good job. The word "unprotected" seems a little crammed. Without ruining the symmetry of the design, are you able to add some space to those letters? Also, the "J" seems a little too long. Thank you for your submission.
    • Sure! I'll fix those things pretty quickly and then get back to you within the next day.

    • Sounds good. Thank you!

  • This design gives off a cold feeling when I look at it. The digital spectrum signal makes it too busy. Maybe something more unique than just relating to sound. Get the colors and letters to speak, vice music related symbols. Thank you for your submission!
  • This is a little too big of a design. Think smaller dimensions like a rectangle. I'm not a fan of the Unprotected being vertical. It's too many characters to read sideways. Interesting color, nice and warm/inviting. THank you for submitting.
    • Hi ptazz12, even though I am not allowed to enter any more entries for your contest, I had another version I was working on before I realized I maxed out my entries. It is in my personal portfolio if you care to view.

  • The cloud looks like it's doing "business". That's not the kind of message I want my logo to portray. Thank you for submitting.
  • This is a good design. I'd like to see this similar concept but with some character in the letters. See what you can do. Regardless, this is headed in the right direction, and like what you did. Thank you for submitting!
  • I think the power button looks cool in the "O". Thank you for following my direction. Can I see this in B/W too? Also, remove the power button at the top of the lettering. It doesn't look right. Thank you for resubmitting!
  • It's an interesting concept, but there's too much going on and wouldn't immediately catch someones attention of "DJ Unprotected". They would see the DJ for sure, but it's too confusing. Good effort. THank you for submitting.
  • I like this lettering a lot. Good Job. It flows, and still has presence. The T-Shirt, is just a concept idea, or how the logo would look on a brand... correct? Continue to play with this idea. It's in a great direction. Thank you for submitting.
  • I like this one better than your other entry with the speakers. The J looks like a soup ladle. Maybe put a line or a broken up line underneath "Unprotected"? See how that looks. Thank you for submitting.
  • Can you provide this in B/W?
    • Yes, I will re-submit it in black and white today!

    • Ok I resubmitted it in black and white, and then all black. Or did you mean to have the background color gone too?

  • This is a great design. It's simple, makes sense, and defines what I am. Can you place the headphones from the top design, onto the bottom design? Also, I'd like to see B/W flipped. Thanks!
    • #28 hello good morning here like you asked these hope you like :) any modifications you send me, Thank you

  • Thank you for resubmitting. Can I see something in B/W? I also would like the letter characters to stand out more. Try bolding the characters. This concept your presenting has potential. Just need it to present more power.
    • I understand. Perhaps #26 is closer to what you look for? Thank you in advance!

  • There's too much going on with this logo. When I hand a business card to someone, I need them to spot "DJ Unprotected" immediately. More emphasis on the originality of lettering, less on blocks.
    • gotcha. sorry I cannot help with this project.. I have maxed out my 3 tries and it won't let me submit anymore. all the best to your career

  • This one looks like it would be for a child DJ.
  • I was wonder if you wanted to incorporate anything from your own visual style into the logo? The unique opportunity of being a dj, is that your not only branding a service or an idea but you are branding yourself as well. If you wear glasses, a hat or beanie, soul patch or beard us designers will be able to include your own visual elements into the logo.
    • I always wear a baseball style cap when I DJ (with a bent rim)