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Winning design #45 by tutubis, Logo Design for Doctoral Programme in Population Health Contest
Gold Medal

designed by tutubis

Project description

The Doctoral Programme in Population Health (DocPop), University of Helsinki, is multidisciplinary and includes a variety of methodological approaches. The research focuses on causes and consequences of population health as well as health services. The Programme combines a broad scope of relevant fields of health and medical sciences including public health, epidemiology, biostatistics, occupational health, general practice and primary health care, health services research, forensic medicine, public health nutrition, substance use disorders, geriatrics, and social pharmacy. The research within the Programme aims at health promotion and disease prevention at the population level.

DocPop is a quite new doctoral programme and does not yet have its own logo. We are looking for something that would stir interest in the programme, catch the eye of the students and somehow reflect the programme and its aims.

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  • fix some problem in the first version #35
  • a lettering design based on simmetry between "doc" and "pop", and on the visual similarity between the logo an the percentual symbol (o/oo) as a further link to population concept. #31
  • Would it possible to make the symbol in the logo a bit smaller? And make the whole text in DocPop in bold? Looks good! #13
    • About #13, @ulla_tuomainen Hi Ch, thank you so uch to feedback. yes, i will revise it the design as you request. :) thanks

      kind regards,

    • About #13, @ulla_tuomainen Hi Ch, i already upload now the revise design. hope you like it. your feedback is greatly appreciated. :) thank you

      kind regards,

  • check and feedback please.. #25
  • check please, and i need ur feedback #24
  • Check and feedback please... #23
  • and the classic version of the cross, in the style of low poly, with intersting color scheme #21
  • this design is bright, just right for today's youth,the symbol is taken as the stethoscope and the cross, and combining them. #20
  • This design, boday interesting and elegant, symbol of luxury. Can't say for sure, but I think it will be interesting to look #19
  • Hello, here is 1 version of my design. This logo symbolizes the interaction of people, doctors, stduents, with Medecines and study. If you have any comments please write. #18
  • Thank you, looks good. Would it be possible to get this also with the white background? #12
    • About #12, @ulla_tuomainen its already on the white background do you need it on black background ?

  • What is the idea with the "round figure"? What does it present? I like the design here best but prefer the colours on your other options! #4
  • I like the idea to use a person/ people in the logo. The colours are good. Would it be possible to try this with a different font or maybe more "people" in the logo part? #6