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This was a good way to get many ideas in a short period of time from a group of creative minds. My staff was excited to see each new design and vote on their favorites. I'm very happy. CEO - Document Builders

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Winning design #111 by Innerscape, Logo Design for Document Builders' Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Innerscape

Project description

I would like a logo that represents a document being created. Ideally businesspeople wearing hard hats carrying common building tools (power tools?) while building a document would be cool but I'm not stuck on that idea. This logo will be the central focus for a web page, stationery, etc so I'd like something that can be easily expanded upon.

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  • This is our favorite thus far. It's very professional, clean, and gives the image we like. We like the color. Could we see this in one or two other colors?
  • Dear CH,,, Thanks for fadecack. No problem, I will gladly revise it. And this is my revised and gives color to the document (#34 and #35). If there is anything please contact me :D Thanks :)
  • All, I'm getting more votes this evening on all designs that have not been eliminated. Thanks to all for your participation. CH
  • I like the design but it is difficult to see the name of the company in yellow.
  • We like this but the concept is a little different than what we would like.
  • I like this... could we see it in another color?
  • Nice design but not quite what I'm looking for.
  • I like this idea. The "documents" don't quite look like documents.
  • Dear CH Please check #25(gears) #26 (lines coming into a document) #27(lines coming into a document), Ready for any changes. Thanks and good luck.
  • Thanks for the feedback, the concept was building a brick wall in the style of a document. So document & building does feature, but maybe too abstract? Do you want me to develop this idea further? The horizontal white lines were meant to denote lines on a page.
  • This is one of our 3 favorites. Could we see this in a couple other colors?
  • This is one of our 3 favorites. Could you make Builders a bit larger, take the ' off Builders and make the document look a bit more like a document?
  • This is one of our 3 favorites. Can you delete the ' after Builders, make "Builders" a bit larger, and do something to make the document look a bit more like a document? (Sorry to ask for so much but we really like this design).
  • This is one of our 3 favorites. Can you make the name stand out more (perhaps larger)?
  • Our panel likes this but it didn't say much about building documents
  • I like the idea of the pieces of the document coming together.
  • Right direction but not quite what I am looking for.
  • Interesting idea (with the puzzle piece) but not quite what I'm looking for.
  • These are my studies; #17 A document that is being created from pixels. The colors blue and grey for technology. #18 A document builder carrying a powertool. I choose yellow and black because it represents construction. I both tilt the icon to denote a swift action. Thanks for the time to review my work... Jctoledo
  • I like this concept & will put it to others for a vote.