Dog Rescue Golf Tournament

Good experience for the most part.....a lot of people accusing people of copying or clip art. Some logos were kicked out of the competition because of copying or said contest holder did it...but I didn't and I think it should say that it was removed by website admin!!! Very happy with the desighner and the logo.

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Winning design #106 by DESIGNKB, Logo Design for Dog Rescue Golf Tournament Contest
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designed by DESIGNKB

Project description

American Lab Rescue is a non profit org that saves dogs from kill shelters, vets them so they are up to date on all shots, spay and neuter and take care of any medical needs. We then try to rehome them/get them adopted. To do all this we need money so we are having our first, what hopes to be annual golf tournament in September. Looking for a logo that falls in line with our organization. A logo that can be easily reproduced on hats/towels/ paper/teeshirts. To follow the similar theme that can be seen on our web page obviously it should have a golf theme, look fun, a logo that is cool on a hat worn by both guys and girls. Cartoonie look. Would like 'American Lab Rescue' incorportated in the logo.

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  • Dear CH, I have just submitted design #5 . I would appreciate any feedback and would like to know if I'm heading in the right direction. Sincerely, TS
  • CH, Please check out #35 and #36 . I drew the lab and hoped to make it look "labby" as well as happy and have a cartoonie feel. The font colors can change to whatever you like and let me know if you would like any changes! Thank you, xxkelsey
  • Dear CH, about #29, #30 and #31. I have tried to come up with something that is easy to reproduce. A lab with his club and bucket of balls! No fancy shadowing etc. so that you could easily embroider on caps or print on tshirts etc. We can take the green colour out too, it still looks OK. Kind regards, Liz
  • I like the variety of ideas. Dogs that are on the logo need to be more lab like...yes we rescue all breeds but we tend to rescue more labs. Please remove 'Dog Rescue Golf tournament' and replace with 'golf tournament' thanks #9 I like it but prefer to have a dog int here rather than a person #6 The dog is cute but needs to be more labby. #5 I like the fact you drew form our webpage..I like ti but there is something missing and I'm not sue what to change. will need to look at it and think.
  • Hi Addicus85 I submitted my first draft #9 Please give feedback. thanks regards Azqyla
  • Hello CH,i just submitted #6. I would really appreciate a feedback from you. I'm very much open for revisions. Thanks!! BEST REGARDS MKH017
  • Dear CH, Please let me know what exactly it is that you would like changed in my design #5 . Font, font colour, font shape/placing, and logo colours are not a problem, and I can change them in a heartbeat. Please note that I designed a logo which would not only be easy to reproduce on memorabilia, but also be easily modifiable into a logo for your organization. Thanks, TS
  • @sjkelly Please withdraw your draft no. 40 as it is the same concept of my #25. I hope you withdraw it by youreself before i complain to site for copying my concept
  • Hi CH, Please find my entries #38 , #39 , #40 , #41 , #42 , #43 , #44 . Please let me know if i am heading in the right direction with any of them. Colours and fonts can be changed without hesitation. Regards SJK
  • Improved my logo #52. If there's something more you want to change, just tell me. Thanks, Laurensvp
  • CH: I've just submitted entry #49. I tried to capture your need for something fun and unique. I will also be submitting a variety of similar ones but with minute changes. Please let me know what you would like me to change or do differently. Thanks for the opportunity!
  • Cute idea but need American Lab Rescue in there too.
  • Dog is not a lab..concept is cute
  • Could you add color to this....a couple of different ways. I like it..the feedbackj from friends is it needs color
  • #37 could you add color to you design Everyone else I will give more feedback later...I am asking for feedback from the committee members..
  • Hi addicus85, please find my entry #48. I'm very much open for revisions or improvements if u wish. Thanks, Laurensvp
  • CLipart is not allowed in logo contests the art you used is found here
  • Hi CH, Please find my entries #72 , #73 , #74 , #75 , #76 . Please let me know if i am heading in the right direction with any of them. Colours and fonts can be changed without hesitation. Regards SJK
  • Hi addicus85~ I designed a logo for your review #64 that is an emblem-type logo. It features a happy black lab wearing a bandanna on a golf course. It will be easy to reproduce online or in print for your marketing and merchandising needs such as hats, shirts, etc. Kind regards, PaintedPony
  • Looking for color to be added to this design..please I like the concept!