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designed by morabira

Project description

Dogs Paradise is a startup that provides dog daycare and training services. We are based in the french part of Switzerland. The concept of the doggie daycare is relatively new here, however being in a multicultural environment with many multinationals around, the primary goal is to target the expats and "corporate" dog owners in the area whom are familiar with the concept of a doggie daycare

We strive to be the best at providing a unique alternative for daycare & training services all delivered with superior excellence.

Our priorities for the daycare are safety, professionalism & fun combined with a high level of customer services. Our Dog Training methods are "Reward-based", generally referred as positive reinforcement training, as opposed to Aversive-based! 

We would like to see designs that are creative, subtle, with perhaps negative space designs (which I'm a fan of, but i trust the experts in this!!)

The website is being revamped and standard colors have been chosen for it.

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  • Hi, you are my 1st choice together with another design. Do you think you can suggest other dogs? #97
    • About #97, @chris14 certainly not a problem , I work on several versions that introduce them to you , thanks for rake and feedback

  • hello ch kindly check my logo proposal i hope you like it
    thank you:) #138
  • #113 #118 please feedback if like
  • @chris14
    my idea for you
    for any changes feel free to feedback me #111
  • I hope you like my latest entry. #106
  • Hi, do you think you can do the head of the dog facing right exactly the same as the other one? #84
    • @chris14 - Hi again :) Please check #90 version. Let me know if you need some other changes. :)

  • About #78, @morabira hi, thank you for your updates. I would like to know if the ears can be round and down instead of pointing up?
  • About #84, @rockabilly.romania
  • This time I added a house figure inside the letter 'O'. And I used two dogs as a negative space design in letter 'S'. I hope you like it. :) #87
  • Very interesting. How about a paw (matched color) instead of the heart? #81
    • About #81, @chris14 - Sure. It will match perfect. I'll do it right now.

  • Hi, thank you for your input. Very nice indeed. Can you change DOG to DOGS and suggest other colors versions? Tks #76
    • About #76, @chris14 - Sure. I'll do the changes right away. Thank you.

  • Thank you. I think that font really reflects "high end/seriousness". Well done. What colors would you suggest if I had a black background? #78
  • I hope you like my entry #49. Thank you. I am open for changes. :)
    • @Chaddy0831 Hi thank you for your input. I do like it alot! Do you mind trying other versions with different colors? The logo on black stands out very well. Well done.

    • Okay sir. About #49, @chris14

  • I like the idea very much. Is there a chance to improve the dog's nose? I'm focusing too much on the eye lashes... #37
    • About #37, @chris14 Hi! Thanks for the feedback, I'm a little changed nose and made fewer lashes. Thank you!

  • Here is the correct design #59
  • can you change it to Dogs Paradise? Thanks #57
  • Hi, thank you for your input! I personbally LOVE it! The design of the two dogs circling each other is what I had in mind. I'm not too sure about the calligraphy...Are there any other suggestions you can provide me with?
    Again: well done!! #50
    • Hello CH,

      I'm glad that you like it. I'll work on some other options for the font and will submit some new proposals soon.


    • @Iridith I do like it a lot! Thanks

    • Here's the new version - #51. I've changed the font to more simple/less playful one and instead of the bone as the letter "I" I've put a dogs paw between the name. Let me know what you think.

  • Hi, thank you for your input. I do like very much the design. What would you think about changing the colors? I love the paw shaped as a hart. is there a reason why you chose a light color? And that font? I like the font on the services, but we need to replace the "walking" with "pet sitting"...but again, I'm not sure yet if I want to include the services on the logo...I'm looking for suggestions.
    • I chose purple because your web site is. but can make any color.

      The 75% black paw print was so the name stands out over the graphic

      The rounded font was to match the rounded paw element.

      Pet sitting means the same as day care. So I'd just include day care & training if walking is not wanted.

      As for including the services that depends on how established your business is. I have an advertising back ground and I would recommend tag lines in logos which are being used to help brand a company. If the company is branded (established with a strong clientele) Then leave the story out or at least make it the weakest element in the design.

      Think of it this way. IBM started out using International Business Machines, with a typewrite in it's logo. And as their brand became more recognizable; they redesigned to IBM with a graphic. And finally all they used was IBM.

      Tag lines are just ways to tell a story along with your name. And telling a story helps brand top of the mind awareness.

      Now a little on logos in general. The designer tries to get a feel for the main element to stress by what the client states in the brief. The word mark (name) Icon (graphic element) or the tag line (story).
      I felt stressing the word mark was main, then the icon and last the tag line.

      I will enter a new sample showing the changes you questioned. A fine font, different color and no tag line. And we can try to reach something that not only works design wise but satisfies you minds eye.
      .About #3, @chris14

  • Please give some feedback or suggestions,.... Thank you :) #43
    • @jacondsign Hi. I like it. Do you mind giving me your feedback on the "D" design?

    • @chris14 Thanks for your comment, about my D design it shows a man and his trainer w/c your company provides for dog daycare and training :) and a little twist of abstract feeling of comfort in the upper left in an orange color.

  • Hi Chris14,

    the idea of my logo, is to show the happiness of the dog while trainning on the doggie daycare.
    i really need your feedback. if you have any suggestion, please, just let me know.

    i hope you like it.

    thanks #41
    • @gandikwirya Hi. Thank you for your feedback. I like the idea (the i and the dog playing with the ball), however I would have prefer another design for the dog. Something is bugging me...:-(