Dogtooth Distribution

i was happy with the designs, just dissapointed with haveing to make multiple requests for the correct source filkes


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Winning design #31 by VARIO, Logo Design for Dogtooth Distribution Contest
Gold Medal

designed by VARIO

Project description

We are a fishing tackle distribution company. a "dogtooth" is a tuna species, they are known to be top predators, very tough to catch, strong, big fish. We need a simple easily recognised logo incorporating an image of a Dogtooth tuna. We are a premium brand, quality and innovation focused. No cartoon styled designs

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  • What exactly is it your company does? I can tell you're looking for something agressive.
    • we are a fishing tackle distribution company, selling fishing tackle to retail outlets in Australia and New zealand

  • entries should pay attention to the shape of the tuna, we dont want it to look like it is the wrong tuna species.
  • Any preferable colors or shapes for your logo? Thank you
    • the blues and the greys are good, but i am also not against a splash of colour. such as "dogtoth" in bright orange. The shape of the Tuna is important, dogtooth tuna dont look like ytellowfin tuna or southern bluefin tuna etc.

  • Howzit CH! Just submitted #16 couple of one colour a box...on its own...ready for any changes feedback its all good. cheers M.
  • dogtooth tuna have quite prominent teeth, just like a dogs front "fangs" can you add a something similar please
    • hi CH.. I uploaded the latest design entry#15... Thank You CH....

  • great design, can you have the fish with an open mouth and a few teeth please
    • good evening CH.. Thank you for your great ratings and feedback.. i uploaded your latest request CH.. Thank You..

  • i really like your design. Please adjust the fins to look more like the ones in entry#13. Dogtooth tuna have quite distictive fins
  • Hi... I have submitted " #9 & #10 & #11 " designs... Please do let met know if you need anymore changes like color, fonts, shape, etc.... I'am ready to do your works.. Thank You... :)
  • i like the style of the fish, but please have a look at the shape of a dogtooth tuna, they are slimmer in profile and have different fins
  • off brief
  • Hi Vario, I like the concept of your design it just needs the detail of the fins changed. Remove the fin on the bottom closest to the tail and change the fins on top to look like the ones in entry #15 thankyou
  • hello....... CH pls give me review on my entry #17 and #18
  • Thankyou for you submission, it was a very tough decision to pick a winner.
  • Hi Contest holder Please have a look at my entries #30 #32 #33. Thank you very much