Very good first experience with DesignContest. There were over 250 designs to choose from within a week, which was awesome! The quality could have been better for some of them, but I think raising the stakes and filtering down required designers would have made this a perfect design contest.


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Winning design #59 by sikdesigns, Logo Design for Dojanga Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sikdesigns

Project description

Dojanga is a new taekwondo related service to be launched (current splash page at, FB page at later this year.

We currently have a text based logo available, but would like to have a more professional looking logo which could capture our core idea and the values we represent.

The purpose of our service is to improve the way people live and manage their life with its multiple and interrelated aspects (physical, mental, social etc.). We're starting with taekwondo & related training management since the sport is quite a holistic one but we may in the long term future expand to other sports as well. Oh and the word Dojanga is derived from Korean, where dojang means a gym (a place where one practices the way). So we're building a virtual gym to learn and practice your life skills :)

Our set of values we would like the logo to convey:
- Serve Your People and Community
- Be Humble and Ready to Give
- Appreciate Others and Yourself
- Remember the 20/80 Rule
- Find and Embrace Your Passion
- Foster Personal Growth
- Fail Often, Learn Often
- Choose to Live Your Life Clean and Positive
- Be Patient and Determined
- Savour and Be Gracious for the Moment

We're looking for logo designs which are quite minimal and simplistic and convey especially the aspects above added with balance and harmony. Colour wise we are fond of blue, green and orange as the main colour sets to choose from.

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  • Check it.
    thanks #236
  • Please check it.
    thanks #231
  • Hello mikko, here's my concept (#187, #225 and #226).Let me know if you need any improvements (colours etc..) Thank you.
  • please correction #213
  • please #212
  • Power of Dojanga #210
  • About #121: could you btw try some green or blue variations of the letter O? Like in the style of #119? #121
    • About #121, @mikko sure! Im on it

  • Hi, Kindly Check this #186
  • Quite close to #109 -> will eliminate #159
  • Sorry too close to #98 -> will eliminate #166
  • I prefer #98 over this one -> will eliminate #175 #175
  • Same here, prefer #42 over this one. #176
  • Same here, prefer #42 over this one. #177
  • I like #42 better -> will eliminate this one #178
  • I like #132 better, will eliminate this #179
  • Very close to #140 -> will need to eliminate #180
  • Very close to #140 -> will need to eliminate #181
  • Thanks for joining! This is a bit too detailed a character, so will need to eliminate this.. #182
  • Thanks Sajid! I will stay with #119 :) #183
  • Same thing here, will stay with #42. #107
    • @mikko
      Dear CH,
      Thanks for positive feedback on my design, here is more options of #167, #176, #177 & #178, please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you.
      Thanks & Cheers