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good concept, would be nice to have some more US designers but overall good experience

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Winning design #77 by avo, Logo Design for domain name Contest
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designed by avo

Project description

I need a logo for, a website for sales of drugs of abuse test kits sold to clinics and doctor's offices.

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  • Hi,

    My design is about pharmaceutics. Pill and drop, but I love the allusion: here we can see a heart! Simple and meaningful.

    Yakob #158
  • can you make the horizontal 'pill' the blue color from #128 #77
    • avo

      About #77, @pbeentjes
      Yes, please check #155, #156, #157.

    • @avo i just need the one horizontal pill color to change - leave the rest as is - so cross stays black and letter stay same color

  • can you reverse the .com?
  • #143 please comment if you like the logo
  • can you run this one in black and white in the set up underneath like #77 #104
    • avo

      About #104, @pbeentjes
      I have revised the logo as you requested, in black and white ..
      Please check # 128, # 129.
      Yes, I can also reverse one double PP there, but I can not do now because it can be exposed to reports from others. I hope you understand it .. we can make improvements that the finalization stage ..

      Thank you.. :)

  • thank you for the feedback, I have improved my design, as you requested, I hope you like it. #103
  • can you soften the symbol somewhat? #91
  • Again excuse the color intensities, I must write to the admin of this site and see if can further prevent it #95
  • Please excuse the intensity of the colors, I've been having this problem with my submissions. Don't hesitate to ask for copies I will gladly email you, thanks. #94
  • can you show me a few more revisions where there is no black in the logo except for the .com? #77
    • avo

      About #77, @pbeentjes
      Thank you for your feedback.
      I have revised the logo, there is no black color in the logo ...
      Please check the # 86, # 88, # 90 ..
      Tell me if there are improvements or any other color you want ..

      Thank you,.. :)

  • Thank you for rating and feedback, I tried to create another symbol, please check. #91
  • CLIA has to be capitalized and need to see .com in logo #81
  • remember - CLIA has to be capitalized. #76
  • srie, you have to step it up some now, i like your fonts as you know but the symbol before cliasupply has to improve #55
  • not bad, perhaps you can show me a few more variations? #75
  • has potential but i don't like what you did with the pill in the U. Perhaps you can make the U into a test cup design? #78
  • see if you can experiment with a logo that represents a drug test cup, that would be great
  • About #28, @pbeentjes sure! pls check #63 thanks
  • #61