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The platform is awesome. We not only have a great logo now but also have a wonderful experience to clarify our logo designing ideas. What we like, and what suits out website the best. The designer operhal is really talented and pofessional. During the whole design process, she always do the best to satisfy our request even the subtle adjustment that we are not sure. We really appreciate that. In conclusion, we really love our new logo very much. It completes our website! It's worth it all.


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Description of our website. 1.We give you a lot of professional health information and knowledge. 2.What we share is easy to follow in normal life. 3.We tell you how to live in conformity with nature and the seasons. 4.We give you delicious recipes which are simple and healthy. 5.We teach You the natural way to maintain your beauty. Our target audience are 25~45 year old career women who have to take care of whole family and themselves. The concepts of our website are "natural, healthy, easy, convenient". The key point of our logo is definitely elegant and beautiful. We like soft and harmonic colors. We prefer the symbol which represents graceful and elagant,like heart, bowknot, etc. The element we think is good: 1.little round tree 2.leaves 3.bowknot 4.heart 5.Arabesques 6.fairylike symbols We decide not to use animals and insect in our logo. The lotus in east represent some religious meaning,so we don't want it to be part of our logo. We wish the English title and Chinese title are put together. Because our target audience are mainly Chinese(most of them live in Taiwan). Chinese title is"樂活養生美人". English title is"Lohas Beauty" 樂活=Lohas means 「Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability」. 養生=We leave out the two characters because we wanna keep the English title simple. 美人=Beauty

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  • We like the font of the English title. The composition is too long for us.
  • We like the font of the Chinese title. You could try another symbol and its position.
  • The color and the design could refer to the entry 2 which has color gradient. We don't like black color in our logo. We like our logo cute and graceful.
  • We like the design of "Lohas". The font of the English title could be more graceful. The font of the Chinese title is good. You could try different symbol and its position.
  • The font of the English title could be more graceful. The heart could be cuter. You can try some other composition,it's not beautiful and graceful now.
  • We like the curve of the English title,but we think the aspect ratio of the characters looks a little bit narrow,especially "L" and "B". The font of the Chinese title is good. We don't like the black background,the logo should be usable in web, business card, video.
  • The font of the English title could be more graceful. You could change the design of the flower,and it doesn't have to be heart. We would like the whole design to be elagant ,beautiful and harmonic.
  • We would like the font of both to be more graceful. The composition of the logo is too long if we put the logo on the business card. We like the idea of the heart ,though it could be cuter.
  • The composition is good. We like the font of the English title. The color of the flower is pretty,though the position of it could be better. We don't want the flower is positioned on the "L".
  • We like the symbol which is fairylike. We like the composition.We have updated the colors we like.
  • We prefer heart to lotus.
  • Lohas means 「Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability」.We prefer heart to lotus.
  • Lohas means 「Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability」.We prefer heart to lotus.
  • We like the composition. We hope both fonts could be more harmonic and graceful.
    • I'm glad you guys do. I've done some edits to it, #68 .

  • Dear CH Kent, Submitted my design #46 and #47, hope you like the concept. please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you. Thanks & Cheers
  • Thanks for your nice works. Could you change the symbol ,the flower,with the butterfly in #32. We would like to see the image. We like the style of #36, especially the yellow line. We think #36 and #32 are great, because they give us a logo-image which is unique.
    • Thank you! I will work on corrections and post it very soon! my best

    • Hi again - please check versions #43 #44 #42 and #45 and let me know what you think.

  • We like the color scheme very much. Could you change the font of the English title? We think it is a little dull. Maybe you can add some vitality to the characters.
  • We like the design. We also like this entry very much, and its style is much close to what we need. The color is harmonic and vivid. The design has integrity which means the font, the cake, the line,the color tell us the same thing that is the cake is beautiful and delicious. We like the design of the line,also called Arabesques, and we hope to to have it in our logo. We hope the color has variation, yet it is still from our preference.
    • Hello CH, Thank you for the rating and feedback. I worked a bit on the logo and created two versions in design #39. Let me know what you think about the changes. Edit: I'd also like to ask about the colors from the Rojo Cake logo. Would you like to see a version of Lohas Beauty logo with those shades of pink? Best regards, Iridith

  • Hi Ch, #30 #31 #34 are my latest submissions. Could you please have a look and possibly provide some feedback please :) Thank you
  • We prefer the colors in the [Brief] we mention. If you add some gold color is good, we hope it's harmonic. The symbol could be a heart or a bowknot, because we want the logo attract women we mention in [Brief]. We want the logo to be graceful.
    • Dear Kent, I have upload new design for you #32 check and let me know what you think. Please note that 'butterfly' is made from letters l and b (those pink elements in butterfly) my best

    • After seeing so many good works,we have clearer image of our logo. We decide not to use animals and insect in our logo. We appriciate your creativity. We have listed the element we like in the [Brief]. The style we like is in the [example files]. Please amaze us with your masterpiece.