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I am so happy with my Design Contest. I loved that is was interactive. The collaboration with the designers made it possible for them to drill down on exactly what I wanted. When I had questions about running a contest and the procedures involved, Design Contest was right there to help. I will definitely use Design Contest again. Sincerely, Dona Dean

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Winning design #47 by boquecarol31, Logo Design for Dona Dean Workrooms Contest
Gold Medal

designed by boquecarol31

Project description

I am launching a new business, "Dona Dean Workrooms". It is a Sewing & Design Workroom with a storefront & chic fitting room (sort of like a trendy restaurant with an open style kitchen).

Our projects include:

  • Home Goods - design & fabricate custom window treatments, pillows, etc.
  • Create new one of a kind garments
  • Alterations to "off the rack" items for fit and personalization

My goal is to bring good design & fit directly to the consumer. I want them to feel good and express who they really are.

I'm looking for a logo that will help set the tone for all materials going forward.

A logo that gives a nod to the work performed. Like a symbol of sewing or fabric etc.

And I want it to be fun, 

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  • please cek my design,
    thankyou #100
  • Hi Dona,
    is there anything I can do before contest end? Please don't hesitate to contact me.
    My best,
  • please cek my design, thankyou #78
  • please cek my design,
    thankyou #77
  • another option for your consideration... #62
  • More lighter sewing tools #44
  • About #43, @donadeanworkrooms I can try to reduce brightness and colors needs to be more pastel...
  • Dear Dona, do you like this color scheme better? #43
    • @operhal I think its the brightness of the oranges, reds & yellows, that seem inconsistent with the overall design.

  • About #24, @donadeanworkrooms Thank you so much. I am really glad you like it. Yes, I can easily change color of sewing tools more to logo color scheme.
  • About #36, @millagraphic This is a very creative entry
  • Dear CH, please check my design and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #24
    • About #24, @operhal I still really love your designs. I am leaning towards yours. I understand that this version is an option for FB or other materials, I want to know if you can make the colors on the sewing tools more consistent with colors on the artwork,? The latest version, of course. Thank you, Dona

  • About #28, @boquecarol31 I like this, But I unsure about colors. Maybe more gradient colors on the Dona Dean and let the button pop. Possibly the button & workroom could be the same color. I will try to narrow color choice down
  • Minor details fixed (some effects on buttons and connection between two D - and instead dark grey color for text I have used dark purple)
    Hope you will like it.

    My best,
    operhal #27
  • About #23, @radika93
    This is really nice, how do you feel about adding buttons for spots on the wings or making them look like fabric?
    • About #23, @donadeanworkrooms
      thanks, I'll try to make it :)

    • About #26, @radika93 The stitching is a nice touch.

  • option with dark background #25
    • @operhal I love this! I really like both your designs, but I think I prefer this one. :)

    • @donadeanworkrooms Thank you so much! Actually #25 and #24 are the same. Photo on #24 is just example how logo can look like, for example, on FB cover or ads if you decide to use some background photo. Photo on #24 is not part of logo. Hope that make sense :-)

    • @operhal Perfect

  • hi contest holder please let me know what you think about my designs?
    best regards
    babar786 #17
    • @babar786 They are very good, just more traditional than i had in mind.

  • This is so fun! Definately more like what I had in mind. #16
  • NNVCNVCN #15
  • I want to see many different ideas not based on rated entries. Something more Fun.