Donnelly's - Local Coffee, Wine and Beer

This was such a great and fun experience. All of the Partners had a great time seeing our idea come to life. We received more than 150 designs, that was awesome! "Graphman" worked hard and submit many revision until it was perfect. We will be using Design Contest again. Max


$275 paid

151 custom designs

43pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #141 by graphman, Logo Design for Donnelly's - Local Coffee, Wine and Beer Contest
Gold Medal

designed by graphman

Project description

Here is a link to the basic idea of the company: Looks we incorrectly spelled the Company name it's "Donnelly's"

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  • @max1 #145 #146 Full size. Backgrounds inverted blk n wht. Thanks
  • Suggestions for changes, we are available Greeting #144
  • @max1 More asset branding. #142
    • @graphman upload

  • @max1 I went another direction. Different flavor. Thanks #141
    • @graphman These are great can you upload to main section?

  • Hi CH, I submitted #136, #137 can you please give a comment... I am ready for adjustment. Thanks.
    • @DatPiEnGi It's not a contest of who can do the other persons design better. Cheers :)

  • Reduce the swirl size by about a third. Position it accordingly. Make the dots black. Make sub head read "Local • Coffee • Wine • Beer" With those changes I think we have a winner. I didn't read but how do you deliver the files what formats and do you deliver the fonts as well? #118
    • @max1 That's great! I will work on the revisions now. As for the files, it looks like you have to close the contest and declare this as the winner, then I will receive a notification email to upload the files within 24 hours to the website. They are http://.eps files but I can upload http://.jpg, http://.png, http://.pdf as well if you would like those versions as well. I will package the fonts with the zipped file. I'll let you know as soon as I finish the revisions. Thanks!

    • @max1 I just finished the revisions to the logo - it is submission #132. Let me know if you would like to see any other changes. Best, Quelita

  • Suggestions for changes, we are available Greeting #129
    • @viewpixel Now I have a better appreciation for blind contest. wow.

    • @graphman Do not quite understand

    • @graphman you do not send the client suggestions? my yes, and I am applying

  • Suggestions for changes, we are available Greeting #128
  • Suggestions for changes, we are available Greeting #127
  • Suggestions for changes, we are available Greeting #126
  • Hi max, I don't know what your retail space will look like, but I uploaded some store front mockups for you to review. The logo can be adapted to the spaces. Thanks #125
  • Really like the play on the tri swirl. Would like to see a 3D version or at least clean up line to images. Like the beer glass looks upside down. Very cool though. Don't like the font for main logo or tag line. #86
    • About #86, @max1 I am on it sir.

  • About #107, @maxx This looks awesome. Can you shows us what it would look like with the Font Letters all the same size?
  • This looks really good. Let me have partners look. #102
  • New layout. Letters all same size. Swirl 50% smaller, with outline. Thanks #103
  • Also see the swirl on 90 we like that swirl #95
  • Make font all same size, like 95. Swirl and the circle is still way to big. Make at least half that size and would like to see it where the "white circle is same color as the dark background on inside of border and make swirl white, like font, just to see. #94
  • This version has all the adjustments, but I replaced the name with a different letter set. Thanks #95
  • Hi max, I made the requested adjustments. Made the swirl smaller, "S" bigger, changed the service tag line, and added est date. #94
  • So you like best? I'm open to suggestions #93