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Winning design #20 by nvshajan, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by nvshajan

Project description

Donor solutions teaches nonprofit organizations how to maximize their social impact using digital media, technology and innovative problem-solving. Our cloud based platform is an all in one solution designed to help charities increase fundraising and donor awareness; while retaining current donors who champion their cause.

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  • Hi CH, About #6, My logo conveys two people figures reaching out to each other and typical colors from the medical field. I hope you like my concept. Thank You :)
  • Hello! I've submited #24 and #25. With a clean composition the design intends to communicate positivism and helpfulness. I used color blue because it symbolizes everything that is clean and has relation with the sky ( in this case the clouds) and of course technology. The dark grey color it's used to provide a rich contrast between symbols and letters. I'll be looking forward for your feedback and please delete the submissions you don't like to allow me to upload the improved ones. Thank you!
  • Dear Contest Holder, Do you have any feedback for design #1? With some feedback I can still improve the design. Thanks
  • What does the design represent?
  • I like the clean style, but the "red cross"is to much like (Red Cross)and that does not work for our business.
  • What is the design suppose to represent?
  • This makes me think of "Giving Blood" and that has nothing to do with our business.
  • Light bulb should be more sketch
    • Hi again. I've submitted another version #39, with a more "sketchy" look for the light bulb :) I hope it is closer to what you are searching for. Thank you for your comment and feedback!

  • Design one with a light bulb in the cloud. We are more of a digital agency for nonprofit organizations.
  • leave the "drop"out. It makes me think of blood drive and we are nothing like that. We are more of a digital agency for nonprofit organizations.
  • Hello! I've submitted suggestions numbers #29 and #30. I intended to create a neat design, focusing on the idea of "cloud" as a platform, technology, digital media and innovative solutions. Your feedback is highly appreciated, and I am opened to improve the designs according to your further requirements. I am looking forward to your comments. Thank you!
  • Hi CH, In regards to #63 As you can see I used the S as a dollar sign and the o as an energy efficient lightbulb. I also used colors that are a little more fun but are definitely changeable. Since your organization provides many services that are technology/cloud based I only used the "cloud" visual as a "puff" around the words and kept things simple. Thank you, D.
  • your entries are a copy of entry 28, the puzzle idea/concept is already used