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I was pleased with my experience. I was nervous at first because I didn't know exactly what to expect, but customer service answered any and all of my questions. Many of my designers were happy to make changes and communicated very well. In the future I would not hesitate to use Design Contest again.

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Winning design #55 by creativebug007, Logo Design for Doodle Grub Contest
Gold Medal

designed by creativebug007

Project description

  • Open to all creative ideas
  • Has to show immediately that it is a restaurant/food establishment
  • Located in a small town but it's modern and newly constructed
  • Family friendly dining in a creative & clean atmosphere
  • Chalk board wall art/stations for patrons to doodle while they dine (hence the name)
  • We serve scratch made comfort foods along with unique burgers/fries, pizzas
  • Will use this logo on signs and employee shirts
  • It's a fun name but we don't want a cheesy logo

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  • Hi,
    Ive submitted #62 , hope u like it. Its a stand alone design. The logo has the text content as well. If u would like to see any changes in the color or font, let me know. Feedback will be much appreciated so that I can work on the design better
  • DOODLE GRUB logo #61
  • design 1 #54
  • About #23, @KhairulKabir Thank you for your valuable feedback. I'm trying to do something different.
  • About #22, @shaharuddinhon I like the style. Don't know if it exactly like the layout though. It does look more inky or painted instead of doodled.
    • About #22, @doodle_grub Thank you Project Owner @doodle_grub for your thoughts on the logo. The logo you see here is the cleaned up version of the initial thumbnail scamps which is no more than a scribble of lines on paper. And, was quite tiny in size. Also, i've cleaned off the smudges and made the strokes bolder by slight to ensure that this now blown up version stays clearly legible even at the size of your regular postage stamp (approx. 1" x 1")  

  • Doodle Grub Logo #52
  • I like the coloring better in this one and the burger stands out more (thank you). Try it with the loops beside family friendly dining (like you had in the design that included the plate and silverwear) #40
    • About #40, @doodle_grub Thank you. I have posted #42 with your request.

  • About #43, @desi23 So I like the Doodle just not the Grub. Any ideas?
  • Could you try a different food item? Or when I look at this I think of someone writing on a chalkboard, so if you could keep Doodle Grub but have it next to each other and then have a pencil tip and end to the left and right of doodle and then maybe a burger wrapped around the top and bottom of grub? I hope I didn't throw you :) The doodle and grub could be divided by a vertical line too (or possibly the dividing line a pencil) #26
    • @doodle_grub Hello! Something like #43 ?

  • About #23, @KhairulKabir My eyes keep getting drawn into the 3 circles right in the middle for doodle. Too many circles in this design.
  • a "doodle" drawn burger for a full doodle effect. #41
  • It looks a little too much like a barbeque place for me. I don't want a ribbon around the name. Maybe just the name done in cool font between the burger? Or have the name looking doodled/sketched (something neat) with a cool chef hat on the D? #38
  • how about this sir? #38
  • raa
    Of course! #37
  • Nice :) I think we are leaning towards black employee shirts. Could I see it that way? #36
  • About #35, @raa Yes thank you:) How about seeing how it would look if you replaced the spoon for a pencil or chalk, but leaving the rest?
  • About #34, @purmana5 Please make sure you change to Doodle Grub
  • raa
    I think this is a bit more obvious :) #35
  • About #17, @buffylopez I think I like the pencil better. Lets try it with a black background and  different style for Doodle letters. It just looks more educational then restaurant still for me. I think it needs food or a chef or cooking equipment/utensils.