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Winning design #256 by Eirien, Logo Design for Downtown Chiropractic Contest
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designed by Eirien

Project description

I have no idea if this helps or hurts the creative process but I have scanned in a copy of my previous office logo. I am not sure if this is also "too hard" and also "unprofessional". However, it might be an idea to keep the "running man" but just change the oval blob behind him into more of a star pattern. Once again, I am just trying to be helpful. The competition has been extended a week. Several designers informed me that my top three choices looked unprofessional. Previously, I was giving suggestions based on my preferences and input from my wife. However, the top three were going to be evaluated and voted by a panel of 5--myself, my wife, 2 other females, and 1 other male. I am now going to be using a local artist and teacher to narrow the selection and give suggestions on ways to improve logos. The critism that I received before is that the design needed to be "softer" and more "professional" since I am in the healthcare field. I am not exactly sure what this means. However, I am into facts and figures instead of being artistic and creative THUS the reason for using Thus, until I get feedback from a trusted artist my only suggestions are "softer" and more "professional". Opening new chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture clinic in Dallas. The name of the office is: Downtown Chiropractic Some random ideas: 1. The city of Dallas seems to be in love with the 5-point star. There is a single star on the state flag, the Cowboys logo, and the Dallas Stars logo. Possible a more modern design of a 5 point star as a possible idea. 2. When looking at other logos it seems like an outline of the state of Texas is common, that is another idea. 3. The downtown area that my office is going to be in does not really have any signature images like the Arch in St. Louis or the Space Needle in Seattle so not really sure of a way to include something like that. 4. A major draw for my office is going to be less then 1 block from a light rail station. Dallas calls their public transportation system the DART. Thus, did not know if including some image of a DART light rail in the logo would be beneficial or just makes it look busy. By no means do I need all these random ideas into one logo. They are just thoughts/ideas/suggestions. However, if you have something else in mind I would gladly consider it. At my previous office, in the suburbs, I tried to cater to females because they were the healthcare decision makers for the family. As a result I went with softer colors and script fonts. My new office is located in downtown where the work force is 65% male. However, positive experiences from female co-workers will probable be my best referral sources. The companies downtown are not big masculine oil and gas companies. It is a lot more lawyers, bankers, insurance agents, and tech companies. I am going to be using this logo on business cards, embroidered on scrub tops for my staff, on sandwich boards that I can put in front of the building on select days at select times, and then just general flyers and postcards.

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  • Perhaps you could include in your brief a few samples of logos you like or admire...
  • I just thought that the words needed an Adjustment :)
  • I must not be smart enough to understand the design. I fail to see the significance of the two words coming closer together.
  • Glen: Had a group of friends look through the ideas. Your version #27 seemed to attract the most discussion. The recommendations from the females in the group are: 1. connect the lines of the star 2. lower CHIROPRACTIC down and lower the red spine/squiggle so that it does not cut off the bottom of Downtown. The females like that it is not a sold straight line so drop CHIROPRACTIC down far enough to give the red spine/squiggle enough room
    • Okay... in #54 I connected the star and moved the squiggly line down away from "Downtown", then lowered "chiropractic" to suit. Do you mind that the squiggle is now in contact with the star, or would you prefer some space between them? Glen.

    • Thank you Glen. My wife has requested the font for Downtown to be more professional and feminine looking. Similar to the font in #60 or possible a little tamer like Lucida Calligraphy. More or less cursive/script to make look softer.

    • The font has been changed to the one suggested resulting in #70. #71 shows four font variations. Thanks for the continued feedback. Glen.

    • The leader in the clubhouse is the font bottom left on image 71. Thank you for the quick modifications.

    • Hi, please advise if any further refinements are required to my design #70 #71 before the contest ends. Thanks once again for all the feedback. It's great to have a contest holder give good instructions. Regards, Glen.

    • I am not sure what you can do to improve the design. It is good and you made all the corrections that I requested. As of right now it is between #71 and #116. I am personally leaning toward #116 but I am just one vote of 5. I prefer #116 because it is both modern and clean. The star is more contemporary. My patient base is going to be professionals working downtown.

    • Thanks for that, I appreciate being one of the final contenders. Happy decision making to you and good luck to all contestants. Cheers, Glen.

  • Hello Sir, Thanks for the rating #60. Any modifications you need to see please do let me know. Thanks
  • Hi CH Have added my design #60 for you. Awaiting for your feedback.
  • make all capital so stars bigger
    • I have made all capitals as requested and submitted #50. Cheers.

  • It would be nice to see a couple designs where the 2 "O"s in Downtown are replaced with a five point star. Play around with various fonts and styles of star.
    • In response to your suggestion, I have submitted #48 for consideration. Regards, Glen

  • Hi CH. My first sub #45. I hope to address your concerns with size with this logo. It can be easily re-sized without worry of losing detail or being seen. Its also great for embroidery as the details will still be fully captured. Any feedback would be great. Thanks!
    • Nice touch. As a chiropractor we put DC behind our name to designate Doctor of Chiropractic. Just like DDS for dentist, DO for doctor of osteopathy, or MD for medical doctor. Yes, I know that you selected DC for Downtown Chiropractic but it is a nice touch none the less. A slight issue I have with the design is that the star almost turns the C in to a O. I would like to see a version where you put a star in the middle of the D and the middle of the C. I would also like to see a version where you just put a star between the D and C.

  • Good morning CH from rainy Arlington. :) I wanted to explain my concept behind #22. Here I created the memorable Texas Star with a cutout of this wonderful state. I used welcoming colors that would go well on many colored scrubs as well as other media. I look forward to any feedback you may have to offer. Thanks! Dina
    • Also, is there a certain color scrubs that the staff will be wearing? This way designing the color for the logo is easier and will fit well once embroidered on.

    • I like the idea of Texas in the star. It would look amazing on a wall. However, there is no way an embroidery is going to be able to capture that detail.

    • Im really not sure what you mean regarding the embroidery. The only problem with a detailed embroidery design would be too many gradients and very small details. I have used different colors all together and honestly have created many more detailed designs for clients that had no issues with embroidering. Im not sure where you are getting the information. But, I will definitely work on more options for you. :) Thanks! Dina

    • I mean that I dont think the details of the outline would work well on a shirt. My concern is that from a distance of 5' it would look more like a hole or missing thread then the state of TX. Like I noted, if it the image was much larger like painted on a wall it would be great.

  • hi CH. Here is my first submission #40 #42. Awaiting feedbacks. thanks
  • Design #39 Hello here is a simple and powerful design, it can be read from a far distance and when printed in small letters also works perfectly embroidered and the letters are bold and condensed with no fine details that can be problematic for printing and embroidery. .. please let me knoe if you need anything.
  • Hi I dropped in with a simple and neat design, with the star incorporated into downtown. #28 needs your eyes and comments. Thanks Andrei
    • Thanks fir the rating. . Would you like to see any variations

  • Glen---I would like to see a similar design with "chiropractic" smaller and moved to the right. Then add another point/leg to the star (a 4 point star with 2 legs)
    • Hi, Thank you for the comment and the points awarded for #14. I have made the changes requested resulting in design #27. I added the fourth point to the star and moved the resized "chiropractic" to centrally below "downtown". The curved "spine" line has been slightly flattened to suit the new design. I have also added smaller versions at the bottom, one black & white and one green & orange. Regards, Glen.

    • Curious what a more condensed version would look like. Remove what you label "spine" from under Downtown. Move the star further to the right so the first part of Downtown is inside the 4 point star.

    • Hi again, I have made the chage as your request. Please see #32. Cheers, Glen.

  • Being a Type-A personality I enjoy shades of red. However, for the sake of the logo might need to try some warmer/friendlier colors (blues, greens, etc).
  • Thanks for your feedback. I have entered #17. I was thinking that you could use the shiny circle for web and signage and then a reverse of it on scrubs etc. I thickened up the text and tried to come up with something that would work in one colour and easy to embroider but still matches your logo on business cards, web etc. I went with blues because they work for corporate, medical and clean and healthy looking. I have put a block of very dark blue at the back so that you can see the light blue would work on dark or light colours. I can try the logo in red for you if you want of course, but normally steer clear of red as it is a warning colour. I am presuming your scrubs are white, but if they are blue you could go with white or gold? Kind regards, Liz
  • Once again, concerned that embroidery going to destroy the idea of this image. Stars in the shape of spine a nice touch but difficult to keep 5 point star crisp and clean when get that small. Might be nice as a full silk screen on the back of shirt but not for left crest scrubs.
  • The spine might look alright on larger projects. Concerned that will not do well on business cards and letterhead. However, my biggest concern is trying to do on a scrub top.
  • Thank you for trying something with a train. Not too sure about the amount of detail. As noted this is going to also be embroidered on scrub tops.
  • Could you play around with color? This is suppose to be symbol of health and vitality. Black and white seems a little morbid.