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Winning design #260 by andricasp, Logo Design for Dr. Otto C.W. Lee and Associates  Contest
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designed by andricasp

Project description

Hi. I am looking to have a new logo designed for my Optometry office.  I would like to have on my logo a few things:

1) Dr. Otto C.W. Lee and Associates
2) Optometrist.
I really like the look of logos that use negative space and I also really like the look of simple logos.  I would also prefer colours that evoke the emotions of trustworthiness, health and simplicity.  
A bit about my office. 
a) I do not sell glasses, 
b) we concentrate on eye exams only
c) Population of our patients tend to be seniors but we would like to appeal to both the younger and senior demographics
d) we are hoping to attract more of a younger demographic 

I have added files of logos that I think look cool.

Thank you in advance!   I look forward to seeing your designs.   

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  • could I see this in just black and white #341
  • About #260, @andricasp Could you make the llast line "Optometrists" with an S
  • Logo Revised for Dr Otto #342
  • I like the flag! could you make the leaf less prominent and the eye more noticable #339
  • Dr. Otto C.W. Lee and Associates Logo #340
  • Dr. Otto C.W. Lee and Associates Logo #339
  • Looking forward to your feedback. Thank you #320
  • Looking forward to your feedback. Thank you #319
  • My proposal design 06 #318
  • Hello sir.. please check my work and give feedback. thanks n have a nice day. #291
  • i know it coming down to the crunch but is it possible to make the logo a bit more masculine and more "medical" Also could you make it Optometrists" (plural) thanks #260
  • About #260, @andricasp I really like this design and it is so hard to decide. My sign outside my office is rectangular. Approximately 14 feet wide and 4 feet high. I'm not sure how this logo would look on a rectangular sign. Could you re-image it on a rectangular sigh rather than a square?
  • dear project owner please check it and feedback #274
  • My proposal design 05 #273
  • Hello.I' hope you like it #269
  • Hopefully with this Dr. Otto C.W. Lee & Associates Logo Design you like it.
    Thank You #268
  • About #267, @Phopon ,Hello sir.. please check my work.. thanks n have a nice day..
  • I think this is SO close. Could I see it without the lines on optometrist. Thanks #215
    • @icotto Hi there This is admin sharie, Im sorry but this design is clipart and can't be used. You will not be able to copyright this design. We have had to remove these entries Thank you

    • @sharie HI Sharie could you verify entry 254. Same designer. I saw the clip art and there is some differences in the hands. Is there enough difference for copyright?

  • Hi ... thank you for the feedback, the design has been improved, please check and give a response, thank you #261
  • About #254, @shaandasgupta50
    Hi contest holder thank you for asking me this question. some one reported because it is similar concept. that's why dc removed my logo. but the hand shape, hand position even the eye is different. you can see their are 3/4 similar concept as mine. but their logo has not removed.
    i hope you will understand