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internal medicine i Need a logo for my new private Praxis,

I do internal medicines comined with endocrinology ( thyroid gland..)and aesthetics for face, all combined with high dose Vitamin infusions and substitution and all for younger adults (30plus).Lifestyle Medicine.

I will work together with a diatologist and a Person for cosmetic. It will take place in a beatuiful Praxis in vienna but not downtown and

 I like the Name:

In& Outside

Praxis for Internal Medicine, endocrinology and Aesthetic

Ist :Beauty Comes also from Inside ( health from inside like internal medicine) combined with natural Beauty from outside ( for our doing like micro needling, Plasma lift face, bodytreatments again cellulite etc)

ist for : the inner and outside that should be healthy and beautiful for better and happy living.

For the logo I had the idea to do it with a great " &" sign, because I want to Show the combination from medecin and aesthetic doing.

I like only nude coulors, thinking about light green, White , rose and Grey in all shadows!

Who is interested and has a great idea? Thanx! so much!!

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  • engaging logo #92
  • About #71, @DesignBear hi
    i like this logo very much
    can you from it a bit with more pastel green rose gold, taupe grey and olive green
    and maybe try another writing art
    and combine with the the text:
    in german:
    Ordination für Innere Medizin, Endokrinologie und Ästhetik.

    thank you!!!!
    • @plasenzotti Thank you, Yes I can do that. I will design it with the new text and colors and I'll send you the new versions. Regards, DesignBear.

    • @plasenzotti Hello I have designed new logos based on your feedback. You can see them at #88 #89 #90 #91. If you need anything else I will be happy to modify the logo based on your suggestions. Cheers!

  • Please check #85
  • Hello, I have use green and pink to show the combination from medecin and aesthetic doing, in a simple, luxury and timeless logo. Hope you like it. Thanks a lot. #82
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  • DR.Pia Plasenzotti . in& outside.. please tell me if you want any change . thank you very much . #66
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  • i hope you like it. thank you #59
  • If CH not choose my any entry then he will feedback me or eliminate that. I again said I have not stolen any design of any one. I am not fake designer.thanks. #16