Dr. Steve, America's Reverse Psychologist

The designer punkscratch13 was excellent. I really enjoyed working with him. However, my overall experience with Design Contest was extremely poor. There are hidden charges for buying extra logos that aren't made clear up front. The interface is confusing and doesn't work properly--requiring constant browser refreshing. Even at this point, Design Contest is forcing me to write a testimonial before they will provide me with the legal documents I'm entitled to and before the excellent designer punkscratch13 is paid. The company provides very poor service and has questionable ethics.

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Winning design #333 by punkscratch13, Logo Design for Dr. Steve, America's Reverse Psychologist Contest
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designed by punkscratch13

Project description

Hi, My name is Steve Bedwell. I’m a medical doctor and stand-up comedian. I present a speech entitled: How to miss the obvious, stress yourself out and get nothing done.

We are looking for a new logo as part of a rebranding. This short video (2 min) will give you an idea of my new brand: 


The logo needs to include the words: Dr. Steve America’s Reverse Psychologist

Here’s my current website: http://greatconferences.com If you feel it will be helpful to you, there is a video at the top of this webpage that will give you more insight into my speaking style.

As you can see from my current website, I like blue and orange and thin, san-serif fonts like Helvetica Neue.

I need two versions of the logo…

1. A version that will work on a blue background – similar to my current website banner.

2. A version that will work on a white background – like on a business card.


I'm looking for a crisp, clean design. No shadows, no shading please.

Please don’t use the American flag as it can’t be trademarked.

I’ll need the final artwork in high-res png, layered Photoshop and vector Illustrator files please. 

As soon as the contest is opened, I'll attach the logo I've been using as a stopgap, some design ideas, and a couple of examples of logos that resonate with me.

I’m very open to ideas, enjoy being surprised and am very quick to provide feedback.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Thank you for your interest in my project,


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  • Hello, Based on the details here is a concept I have created.I would be happy to make a correction to do better work.

    Thanks, Regards, Mariana Bober #319
  • revision # 2 #314
  • revision # 1 #312
  • made the top of "V"bubble to be rounded (curved) and adjust the dot at "Dr.Steve" #306
  • RATE #301
  • hello ch ples commnt my design ? #287
  • And please slightly round this corner #166
  • Please slightly round this corner #166
  • please feedback to my design #267
  • Just checked my design, please feedback, thank you ... #265
  • colors can be precisely matched to your requirements #253
  • small "r" for Doctor #251
  • Hello Dr.Steve,
    Kindly view my design
    Thanks you Dr. #245
  • @punkscratch13

    Thanks for all your work.

    Yes you were right about "period." It means the "."

    I agree about all Hero font.

    I've sent your logo to my colleagues for their opinions.

    We'll go with #219 - the lower versions.

    Meanwhile, to summarize changes...

    1. I don't like the orange dot on the blue background, let's make it white please.
    2. The "V" of the bubble needs to move to the left VERY slightly so that it's centered.
    3. Could you check that the bubble thickness is the same as the thickness of the "America's Reverse Psychologist" font please.

    I'll be in touch with you tomorrow. I'm hopeful we can finish this contest soon :-)

    Thanks again, Steve

    • About #219, @DrSteve
      Hi Dr.Steve, revision is #232 please.
      I've :
      1. centered the "V" of the bubble.
      2. made the bubble thickness as the thickness of the "America's Reverse Psychologist" font.

      Hope it perfect for you. and still welcome for any revision. Thank you very much

  • About #228 and #229,
    Dear Mr @DrSteve, please tell me if you want something else to be changed. Thank you!
  • Dear Mr @DrSteve, I hope you like it. Thanks!
  • Let's make the dot white over the blue background please. #219
  • Could you move the "V" over a very small amount to the left please. The goal is that it should be positioned centrally between the top part of the "E"s in "Reverse." #219
  • Could you move the "V" over a very small amount to the left please. The goal is that it should be positioned centrally between the top part of the "E"s in "Reverse." #219
  • Let's move forward with this version please #219