Dragonfly Device

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Winning design #280 by V3r0n1kA, Logo Design for Dragonfly Device Contest
Gold Medal

designed by V3r0n1kA

Project description

We need to freaking cool logo for our device that we've dubbed Dragonfly that will stick in prospective customer's heads. We're definitely not looking for a dainty dragonfly.  We want a cool, futuristic looking one. Possibly flying at you or swooping slightly down, but we want to see some offerings shown from a bird's eye view as well. Please do not put the word DEVICE on the logo, but we want the word DRAGONFLY (all one word and don't color the FLY part any different.)

We will not only use the logo on our datasheets and literature, but also imprinted on the device itself.  For the device, think about it being raised up as part of the enclosure's material, not a flat sticker stuck to it.

As far as colors go, we're thinking black and tan. As for fonts, we like ones like tele-marines and tele-marines condensed.

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  • added an abdomen. wish i had more time to work on this. but i hope like it. thanks #291
  • hope you like #289
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  • All my respect, but you have to think about printing, i designed a lot and it is enough for me, but i advice you to put printing in your consideration in choosing the winner, good luck for you and for the winner.
  • We're almost there. In the second one, please make the eye all white. I liked the extra line that you had coming out of the head in your previous design. To show you what I mean, I uploaded a picture to the brief. Please add that line back in. Add a third option again that's like the top design in #228, but with the line coming out of the head. Thanks. #260
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  • We still love your design. Few more changes though. Please delete the last one. Please change the tail on the other two to be all black. Please change the middle one to be completely black. Thanks. #228
    • @mwalton Thank you! I'm very sorry about earlier i didn't know. I'll make it after an hour.

    • @mwalton Thank you! I'm very sorry about earlier i didn't know. I'll make it after an hour.

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  • Please, check the new design #228. Do you like it
  • Design using the initial concept DF = DragonFly, forming the bird's eye graphics as well as flying dragon graphics #93
  • sir, please check these color version of the logo and feel free to give any feedback to any changes. Thanks... #93
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  • I'm giving you 3 options here. #81
    • @V3r0n1kA I don't understand where your designs went, like #81. I did eliminate a few of them, but I know I left #81 up and maybe another one. I asked you to make a few changes. Did you read them? Thanks

    • @mwalton Yes, i did it and uploaded it but i think it was eliminated. I will try again to upload it.

    • @mwalton Please, check #197

    • @mwalton Hi there this is admin sharie the entries were removed because designer used clipart You will not be able to copyright a design that has cliaprt in it

  • Hi, Thank you for encouragement in your kind feedback, I tried to enhance my concept and I think that I succeeded in that, hope that you like this design as you liked the concept, if you need any edit please feedback and I well do my best to make you happy, thank you and best wishes. #93
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