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Winning design #196 by PaintedPony, Logo Design for Dragonfly Lawn Care LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by PaintedPony

Project description

The project is to create a logo for a new lawn care business (targeting high-end residential and small business). We'd like to incorporate a dragonfly in the logo. We plan to use various shades of green in our marketing but other colors are acceptable. Plan to use the logo on business cards, stationery, website, signs, and banners. Prefer to use shades and gradients rather than too many different colors to keep start-up printing costs down. Logo should incorporate an original dragonfly graphic with the company name incorporated into the logo. Needs to be eye-catching and memorable, not too cluttered. Playful is okay, but still needs to be professional.

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  • Dear CH, #90 : Removed the grass from the letter "a". #91 : New concept. Waiting for your feedback, Regards,
  • Dear CH, anything that you would like changing to #79 or amendments? Regards
  • Hello CH, i´ve uploaded a new design hope you like it it´s #86
  • This is a good concept but I like # 39 better so far. Feel free to expand on this one if you have additional ideas. Maybe the same orientation with the image at the beginning if you can make it look as good that way. That is one concern I have with this version when compared to #39 which will work in both orientations. Clean appeal and professional. The font is growing on me :) Thanks for the multiple submissions and the good work.
  • I like the added line and the removal of some of the grass on the letters. It may be good to remove from the "a" as well. Good work on both concepts #62 and #59). The #69 may be too tall for all uses so a version with the dragonfly image to the front or end may be a solution that could work. Thanks again for the alternate concepts and the multiple versions of each.
  • Better with the smaller dragonfly image, still not in love with the this font. The serif family is okay but this font may be too bold. If you could also do some variation with the line to be more subtle. Thanks.
  • This is better flow. The dragonfly could be more elongated I like the impression of motion. Thanks.
  • I like the dragonfly shadow but not the triangle and the grass is too thick like flames not grass. Good try. Thanks.
  • About #76 Hello CH, Thank you for the rating about my design. I made one more version for your logo that i hope you like it too. Thanks. Best regards, ricardofmcosta
  • any comments about #30 and #31, is a bad direction?¿
  • Dear CH, Thank you for your feedback. Please find the following entries after modifications. 1. Modifications for #26 : Variations #57 , #58 and #59 2. Modifications for #24 : Variations #60 , #61 and #62 Waiting for your feedback. Regards,
  • Nice work. Can you provide a few alternates on this one? Drop the grass reflection and maybe use the grass style you used on your other submission. Thanks for your submissions.
  • Nice work. Please drop some/all of the grass on the letters. It is okay at ends. Additional variations if possible. The Dragonfly is nice. Thanks for your submissions.
  • Nice work. Can you create alternate font versions for the word Dragonfly? Less thickness. Thanks for the submission.
  • Great work. Can you create alternate versions without gradation and Lawn Care LLC words slightly larger,and maybe a few font variations (similar not far from what you have). The ligature RA in Dragon is a little distracting :) Thanks for your submission.
  • #36 #37 #38 #39 dragonfly with leaf wings concept.
  • Buena Suerte !! Good Luck Everyone !!
  • About #4 and #5 Hello CH, Hope you like my proposals. Give me your feedback, and if you want any changes just ask. Thank you, ricardofmcosta
  • Dear CH please check my entry #1 and #2 and provide feedback so that i can improve it.
  • dear ch.. please check my designs #179 and #180.. hope you will like it.. thank you.. :)