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Winning design #120 by djaliel, Logo Design for Dream Tree Contest
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designed by djaliel

Project description

Dream Tree

Main Idea:  The logo for Dream Tree should exemplify a brand that encompasses children’s needs, such as furniture designed for kids that promote and help to develop cognitive and learning skills and most importantly – fun!  Along the journey of life a child may find those products that make life more comfortable and enjoyable while they learn “what makes the world go round.”  Think of “it’s a child’s world.”


Where do you find specially designed fun and affordable products for children?  Dream Tree! 


We would like the logo to be simple, clean, happy and delightful.


Main products:  Specially designed furniture for children, such as sofas, recliners, chair, kids play mat, blocks, desk and more products that promote cognitive and match skills, such as toy blocks.


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  • clean, simple, and beauty #133
  • About #120 #121 #122 #123 #124
    I hope I come up with what you need. Thank's

    Best Regards,
  • DREAM #112
  • Hi, this is my design for dream tree. The idea of this design is to describe a child's world with a child playing on a rocking horse. Thank you. #96
  • Participate and submit design to the contest logo for Dream Tree. #94
  • logo design #88
  • how about this sir? #87
  • Logo. Please send a feedback. Thanks! #78
  • About #70, @kimberleykingface / modern & playful
  • The tree is there and not there at the same time, its a dream tree :) Works well in colour and monochrome, can be placed on background or easily cut out from wood/plastic/any material. #74
  • Kindly check all my submission and please let me know if there are improvements you want. Thank's

    Best Regards, #73
  • . #69
  • There's a couple things in this design:
    1. The trunk is a symbolic figure reaching for the stars
    2. The leaves are both a cloud and a thought bubble as denoted by the smaller circles on the lower right
    3. The moon and stars bring home the fact that it's night, which is when dreams usually occur

    Let me know if there is anything you like about this. Thanks in advance! #59
  • different colors :) #58
  • . #53
  • . #51
  • I just change the concept before... More minimalist concept.. If you like this one, please give me feedback... Thank you so much :D #43
  • if you like this one, I'm ready to your feedback.. Thank you so much :D #42
  • Is there is anything you would like to chang ?? It's mine fresh delightful concept. Any recommendation is welcome! Regards #22
  • DT-4

    This other draft version features a minimal tree character in an horizontal layout.

    Let me know how you like any of these variations from my concept proposal. #21