Drips & Drains Plumbing And Heating Ltd.

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Winning design #23 by mydzone, Logo Design for Drips & Drains Plumbing And Heating Ltd.  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mydzone

Project description

I would like a logo that is easy to the eye. Something that captures drips and drains and involves our heating department. I have tried with no success to have a drain underneath a water drop with a flame around the outside and "Drips & Drains" underneath the logo. I'm looking forward to seeing the designs !

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  • I like this image, can you show me what it looks like on a chevy express and with the drop and flame #22
    • About #22, Thanks @ben1 for your reply. Ok I will try to show you the van presentation.

  • About #23, @mydzone this looks great ! The van looks good with the drip and flame too.
    • About #23, @ben1 Thanks for your feedback. The logo will looks great on Van, BillBoard and others printing designs. you can use the blue drip and flame on your company's business card. Thanks.

  • About #21, @mydzone Looks awesome ! I really like the logo with the black background.
  • Looks good. Maybe a drip and drain on the left with a flame on the right of the name. Thinking the drip and drain border around the company name. Just a thought. Thanks for the post ! #10
  • What do you like about #10? What do you not like about #10?
  • This logo looks good. I like the drip inside the flame. #7
  • This looks great. I really like the colors and how you incorporated the D's. I'd love to see how it looks with the blue drip first and red flame 2nd. #9
  • Hi Ben, Here's another one. For this, I created a graphic using negative space in two opposing capital "D"s. Feedback appreciated. Best, Cole #9
  • Thanks for the feedback, Ben. I've got the word order right now, and added another colour variation. Sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean about adding yellow to the drip. Looking forward to further feedback. Thanks, Cole #7
  • Looks good Cole. Just need to switch it to Plumbing & Heating at the bottom. I'm not set on the exact colors that I chose so modify it how you would like. Maybe a yellow off the blue drip. #3
  • Hi Ben, This is just a start. I used different blues than the one you chose. The purple/blue in your palette vibrate against the other colours, so I chose blues that are complementary to the flame colours. Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks, Cole #3