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We need a logo that combines elements of nutrition and exercise.  Our company sells dietary supplements, food bars, smoothies, and personalized meals, and we offer consultations related to diet and exercise programming. Our logo should reflect to the consumer that we sell high-quality products and services; no cheap junk.  The consumer should see our logo and think optimal health and wellness based on dietary supplements, nutrition, and exercise.  I am more interested in an image, rather than the use of words, so I do not want the company name (drjohnlewis.com) in the logo.  I am not a physician, but a physiologist who promotes health through a natural approach.  Thus, I do not want the logo to have any medical connotation either, e.g., NO staff of Asclepius.  For example, one interesting logo could be a silhouette of a muscular male sprinter coming out of the blocks (a side view) with a nutritional feature embedded in the image.  A 3D effect would be nice, and I like rich colors like gold, silver, and black.

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  • Please add feed back to my design #22
  • @jelphd Fedback please. Thanks #19
  • About #18, @jelphd What about this ? Let me know. Thanks
  • @jelphd What do you think about this? #14
  • I've made more 3D . please check
    thank you. #11
  • How about with this design! #10
  • how about with this design! #9
    • This design looks nice. Can you make the plant something more distinguishable, like an apple, orange, or another plant? This plant is not readily recognizable as anything. The human form is too choppy. The lines need to be smoother. The guy has no butt also. I do not think the four little lines are necessary. They are almost distracting.

    • Also, I am not so excited about the plant being a combination of green and gold. I think one color would be better.

  • This looks nice. Can you make it look more 3-D? #4
  • This image is very fascinating. I like the combination of the muscularity being created with what looks like collard green leaves. Can you make it with a more moderate looking human form, rather than a bodybuilder? #5
  • This is not at all what I want. #6
  • This human form looks pretty good, but I do not like the hand with the fingers spread apart. The plant and the human do not merge well. #7
  • The sprinter looks better, but the plant looks like it is coming out of his butt. Not good. #2
  • This image is too busy, the human is not very muscular, and the color scheme does not look good. #3
  • This image looks very nice, but it lacks the nutrition element. #8
  • This is not at all what I want. #6
  • How about with this design! #8
  • About #2, @poetaa92 Is that better? Now its looking like a power from natural
  • I think it needs work. I do not see anything about the logo that makes me think nutrition. The silhouette is not bad, but it needs to be a little more muscular. The fingers should not be spread apart. I do not like the combination of colors. I do not want "drjohnlewis" as part of the logo.