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Winning design #202 by intechnology, Logo Design for drjohnlewis.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by intechnology

Project description

We need a logo that combines elements of nutrition and exercise.  Our company sells dietary supplements, food bars, smoothies, and personalized meals, and we offer consultations related to diet and exercise programming. Our logo should reflect to the consumer that we sell high-quality products and services; no cheap junk.  The consumer should see our logo and think optimal health and wellness based on dietary supplements, nutrition, and exercise.  I am more interested in an image, rather than the use of words.  I am not a physician, but a physiologist who promotes health through a natural approach.  Thus, I do not want the logo to have any medical connotation either, e.g., NO staff of Asclepius.  For example,  interesting logos could be like the ones on this link: 

https://goo.gl/images/FYhX63  : This one has a nice flow and an uplifting appearance. Instead of the stars it could be a molecule or an atom or something molecular. Also more 3D effect would be nice. Also a more organic, richer look would be nicer.

https://goo.gl/images/XsrK8X : This one is nice because it has 3 D effects and a plant and most of the supplements I will sell are plant based. It also has a nice combination of light and shade that makes it very 3 dimensional and rich, not flat or boring.

https://goo.gl/images/xcVR6c  : Again, see the molecule embedded, the 3 dimensionality. The shape of the person is kind of simple. I prefer the shape of the person on the above link. 

https://goo.gl/images/wK87xZ:  Very interesting rich 3 dimensional design. My favorite!

As you can see it has a molecular feature embedded in the image.  A 3D effect would be nice, and I like rich colors like gold, silver, and black.
please give me logo design with and without the Dr.JohnLewis.com word included since i need them both.


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  • About #33, @SAdesign
    Hi! this is one my favorite designs so far. I was wandering if you can create another one similar to the image on this link:
    As you can see it has a moleucule in it and it has 3 dimensional effects. Thanks!
    • About #33, @jelphd Thanks for your message. Sorry for the delay to reply back. Yes, I have tries to do accordingly. So please check the link to see my design before you award this contest. My design link: https://goo.gl/gOaAbp

  • Here's a mockup of my design. Hope you like it. Good luck #203
  • here's another concept. Hope you like it. Good luck #202
  • About #194, @efraim270
    i hope you like it
  • please rate and feedback, i need to know ,
    thanks sir... :) #169
  • i need to rate please , thanks sir :) #167
  • please rate this , thanks :) #166
  • :) #154
  • here's another approach. hope you like it. Good luck #153
  • Logo idea. Hope I'm on track. Good luck #152
  • This version has the left top filled so it won't look empty or like a face. Just for your consideration. #151
  • @jelphd What do you think about this? #150
  • I will have to ask for an extension on time to decide because I have a trip and can not make a decision tonight since it's very late here. Please send me the changes requested and I will get back with you tomorrow. Thanks! #141
    • I've make the revision #147. I'll stay in touch. Thank you.

  • Please check this revision. Thank you. #147
  • Please check this revision. Thank you. #146
  • ok I'm with my web designer. He wants to see the leaf in green and also get rid of the dot on the top left because it looks like a face. please send me that change as soon as possible. thanks! #141
  • Dear CH, I've made the .com bigger as #141 and #142.
    • Also #143 for another version of the .com. It can be changed per your preference for sure.

  • no that's too much gold. Why cant you do light silver like I asked you? #138
    • @jelphd leave it like the one i liked, I rated it 99 % and then it disappeared. whit an off white color, meaning a light silver color.

    • Sorry for my mistake. Don't know why I read silver and thought of gold. I've made the changes. Hope it's right this time.

    • @jelphd also the .com is too small. Needs to be more visible. Thanks! My web designer is meeting with me in 20 min and i wanted to show him the final version. Thanks.

  • Sorry for my misunderstanding. This is the revised one. Please check and let me know if it's what you're looking for. Thank you. #138
  • I think you did not understand. I liked the last image with the black body on white backgorund but instead of white I was looking for a light silveror an off white color. And please leave everything else like it was except for the dot on the right. I liked the last image and now I don't see it. Thanks #137