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Project description

UPDATE: we don't want the word "GmbH" in our logo. Thank you!

Dear everyone,

we are looking for a logo for our new consulting company: DS Consulting GmbH.

Our main activity is to provide managing directors who can manage everything to large organizations working in Germany.

The messages we would like to send with our logo are:
- Seriousness
- Reliability
- Respect
- Elegance
- Simplicity
- Conservative

These are our color preferences:

Feel free to contact me for any questions!

I am looking forward to your designs,

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  • hello sir.
    I create your logo by combining the letters D and S and I give different colors in both. then his background I give the other colors so it looks interesting.
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  • Hey :) Could you remove the word "GmbH"? We don't want to have it in our logo and I would like to see how this design looks like without it. Thanks! #426