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Winning design #192 by strdesign, Logo Design for DSPLAB Contest
Gold Medal

designed by strdesign

Project description

DSPLAB means Digital Signal Processing Laboratory. Our company performs full cycle development of embedded digital systems. Our specialization is to create high-productive electronic devices from idea on paper up to its implementation according to desires of our customers. Logo must be modern, moderately sophisticated and must reflect creativity in area of digital computing systems. Word "DSPLAB" or "DSPLab" or "DSPlab" must be presented on logo. Logo must consist of two or more color (may be even multicolor), preferrable background color is white or light gray. Pictoral mark may contain 3D or pseudo-3D elements. Any elements that make hints about electronics, digital world, signals processing etc. are appreciated in pictorial mark. Some abstractness in picture is also allowed. Main criteria is beauty :-) Look at some other logo examples that could inspire you: http://dsplab.net/logo/

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  • DEAR CH, Now i use some different colors,Appreciate your consideration of design. thanks for your feedback about my previous entry. THANKS
  • Dear designers! Please more experiments with colors. Blue-white gamut is not single suitable.
  • DEAR CH Please check my design #9 its too simple and clean ,and waiting for your remarks Thanks
  • Apologies CH, please disregard #6 - upload error. Appreciate your consideration of design. Let me know likes/dislikes.
  • To all competitors. First of all I want to thank you for your entries. Please don't be offended for my criticism. I want see more entries before I could select some ones for further improvement. I want see a cool idea that can be developed. I'm sorry but now I don't see it. Therefore I can't give any recommendation to adapt your design. Please don't hesitate to present your new variants!
  • Hello Thanks for the feedback, disregard the previous. Here is another concept. #5. Regards
  • hy ch... thank you for the ratings you give to me. to improve logo that I have made. #3 and #4, is there a revision from you to me. thanks bestregards catradesign
  • Hi aandrei_24! Thanks for your work. I'm sorry but sinusoids and wavelets are quite trite DSP symbols. Furthermore it resemble to "M" letter. Color gamut has clashing colors. Wordmark font doesn't suit.
  • Hi CH Seems that I'm the one to submit the first design. Pseudo 3D sinusoid for the symbol of DSP. Waiting for the feedback, Regards Andrei
  • hy shamil... I sent 3 revisions for you #69 #70 #71 .. hopefully you like it best regards catradesign
  • Hy Shamil, I will make 2-3 versions with less branch on #51. About #50, is alight bulb that symbolises electric, technology, bright ideas and in the mean time is a man with a tie that symbolises the profesionalism. I will also try some versions on that.
  • It's very beautiful but I didn't understand what pictorial mark symbolize? Maybe there's a sense to make it more concrete? Thank you for your work!
  • "Electronic tree" is interesting idea! But could you make it less complex (decrease branch quantity) and more contrasting for making it more distinguishable on small prints? Thanks!
  • Hello shamil. I submitted 3 different approaches for your logo...#54, #55, #56. I would apreciate any feedback from you. Thanks and I hope you like what you see!
  • Very nice! May I ask you to try to add some volume and some subtle spice to it?
  • #40 Dear CH. I tried modifying your sketch and tried it. So I came up with this. Simple and Neat. I hope you like it.
  • Using Clipart
  • Hello again #32 is the 2D version of the same logo Regards Andrei
  • Hi CH My new approach is #31. Feedback and guidance is welcome. Regards, Andrei
  • Infinity sign is interesting idea. But would you try some experiments with line width, colors and perspective? And I would see full "DSPLAB" variant. Please look at my sketch (sorry for quality): http://dsplab.net/logo12/ It's not blueprint for action but only as example. Thank you very much for spent time!