Dudley Smiles - Orthodontist

For someone that has no design ability, this was a great way to get many great designs to choose from. It was hard to choose just one

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Winning design #75 by Redsoul, Logo Design for Dudley Smiles - Orthodontist Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Redsoul

Project description

This is for a orthodontist to be used on all marketing material. Please have "Dudley Smiles" written somewhere on the logo. Our current website is www.dudleysmiles.com. I would like to keep the current colors of the website to be used (blues and a burnt orange). Ideally, I would like for "D" and "S" (for Dudley Smiles) into the logo.

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  • It's a little too simple of a design for what I am looking for, thanks though!
  • It's a little too simple, I'm looking for something a little more original on the logo part.
  • Having the "L"s line up is a cool idea, but sorry I not too fond of having a toothbrush on the logo
  • Maybe could I see some designs with a "D" and an "S" (for Dudley Smiles) somehow integrated into the logo? Thanks!
  • Dear CH, I submitted my logo design #3, please tell me what do you think about it.
  • Dear CH, I did changes to #18. How does the new one look? #38. Thanks for the feedback
  • Could you put a little space so that the "S" is more defined, and maybe not have a faded transition between the S and the D? The reason is that if I had to make a single color logo (like on a cup or something), people would be able to see both the D and the S. I hope that makes sense. Thanks!
  • Hey CH. I entered with #17 and #18 . Need feedback, hard to get both blue and orange well together :)
  • Dear CH, I have just uploaded my first entry #45 . Would be delighted if you could give me some feedback, please. Hope you like it, thank you, pgrundon
  • Sorry about my texterror in your name.. Easaly fixed ofcourse!
  • #56 Dear Silas Dudley, Some words about my concept... I decided to use a "D" shape that also resembles a nice teeth "with some actions inside of it"...and then the Smile i have represented it in the Type Arquing shape (some humor). The colors are warm and the combination of the blue and Electric orange create a balanced composition. I hope you like it. Best Regards, Joao Ferrand
  • Hi Sancita, I accidentally eliminated your #46 entry. I did not mean to do that. Could you modify your entry #46 to have the blue smile under it like the one in #42, rather than the smile with a box underneath it? thanks!
  • #74 & #75 : any feedback or comments regarding my entries,CH?
  • Hello Contest Holder, Please find my new designs uploaded - #78, #79, #80, #81 & #82. Please tell me if you like them. Thanks & Regards, Premiumlogo
  • About #108, #109 and #110 Hi Ch, Here is my design in 3 color scheme. Hope you like it. Thanks laturjack