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Winning design #176 by Walawalakim, Logo Design for DUJULand Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Walawalakim

Project description

Raw Goods and Natural Resources Market Place where producers can offer their own products and buyers may publish their own demands. We want something that communicates the project idea, something iconic, distinctive. Feel free to select the colors that match the project idea for your criteria.

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  • About #173, @Walawalakim we want this! but also we dujuland to be positioned at the side ASWELL, so we have both option in the same design. Thank you! THIS IS OUR FAVORITE!
    • About #173, @juliusfarinola, Hi, Thanks for the feedback. I will immediately make you requested. Thank You

  • and this :) #175
  • like this ? #172
  • About #159, @ARTlantico RIGHT NOW ACTION! could you please put the arch in this design like you did in 158?
    thank you!
    • @juliusfarinola everything you ask .i will fulfill

  • About #163, @ARTlantico RIGHT NOW ACTION! could you please put the arch in this design like you did in 158?
    thank you!
    • @juliusfarinola everything you ask .i will fulfill :)

  • About #163, @ARTlantico and this one two!
  • About #118, @LULU766 hey, thank you very much for your contribution. We really like this winning design. Could you please implement design with the next combinations?
    1- maintain one design with no capital letter, and do another one with capital letter.
    2- we do not want black in the font color, maybe two colors combined with the symbol one for "duju" and another for "land"
    3- make it with different fonts also
    Thank you very much.
    • @juliusfarinola look at here some designers copy my design i hope you select the orignal one :)

  • kindly check my design #149
  • I'm so sorry sir, I make a mistake before. this is my secon design I will presented for Dujuland, thank's for your information and attention too sir.

    Best regards from Severus #148
  • thanks for your feedback.. i change colour and font if you want any changes im here :) and i really like to work dujuland #146
  • like this ? #121
  • About #104, @ARTlantica hey, this is great, could you please change the people inside the symbol so that it does not seem to be something genealogical related? Thank you!
  • About #105, @severus the symbol it is not iconic
  • About #112, @skydesig hey! thank you very much for your contribution. We are affraid that we are not looking for a light bulb logo, can you make something different? distinctive? thank you!
  • excuse me Mr. Julius, I've create design for DujuLand, my design concept is "DJ" communicate offer and demands. Thank's for your attention sir.

    Best regards from Severus #105
  • About #56, @hollander Hey! this is great, between our favorites designs, could you please move the word "dujuand" up so that it covers the trunk of the tree, and the tree stays in the background, and any possible combination you can come up with. Thank you!
    • Thank you for your feedback and high score. If you do not mind I changed the crown of the tree, so looks more natural and compact. I made a few versions with different positions "DujuLand" About #56, @juliusfarinola

  • About #79, @ARTlantica could you please eliminate the yelloy background and infuse the logo with some colors. May be the image near the "D" be more spherical? Thank you!
    • About #79, @juliusfarinola oke Mr :) thanks for feedback

  • color ideal for brief #97
  • About #18, @Junseiyu Hey, thank you very much for your contribution! Can you Change the icon? We are not entirely sure what we are looking for but we are not completely sold with this icon, can you come up with something else? Thank you!
    • Hi CH, I'm not sure what you'd like to have in your logo, How about #96 ? Hope there's comments for the direction. Thank you.

  • new color
    please give me sating and some feedback #82