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In the 2013-2014 school year, the Global Education Office at Duke University will celebrate sending 20,000 students across the world on study away programs. To mark this milestone we are hosting a signature event series and creating special publications to highlight Duke study away programs past, present, and future. This is where you come in! We are hoping to use a unique logo that represents serving 20,000 student study away participants here at Duke. The logo will be used in a number of functions: banners, electronic publications, print materials, promotional items, and on the Global Education Office website. Below are the guideline to creating the logo: 1. The GEO logo (see attached files) is a key part of our branding and should be included in the 20K celebration logo. 2. The logo should have a color and a grayscale option available. 3. Our office has three colors that should be central to the 20K logo, but we will accept an additional color: a. Hex #1A75BC (rgb 26, 117, 188) b. Hex #8CC640 (rgb 140, 198, 64) c. White 4. The 20,000 can be abbreviated to 20K. Please refer to the Global Education Office and Duke University websites for brand image: globaled.duke.edu or duke.edu.

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  • Thank you for your submission. It's an interesting concept but I don't like the font choice. I also think you should have included our full office name: "Global Education Office" and maybe included the word students. Overall I wish it was more compact. Text and images should be integrated better.
  • I think the 2 is lost in the design. Maybe you should include Global Education Office and Duke University in the design.
    • We like the idea but it needs to be polished

  • Dear CH! I need your reviews and feedback on my submission #7 and #8. Please take it for your kind consideration. Thanks
    • I would remove the hat and use the official fonts for Duke University. Also I am not sure I like the 20k font

  • The font still doesn't look right. Try Garamond 3 and Interstate (http://duke.edu/styleguide.html). Also the globe looks a bit cheap. Maybe tridimensional would work better. Also to retain the characteristics of our original logo(closing the "e" and preserving the shape of the "G")
  • Interesting concept but our office and university identity is lost in the design. I would try to remove the hat and use our official fonts for the Global Education Office and Duke University. Duke University should maybe be Duke blue
  • Hi CH, I have submitted my 1st design #4 in your contest. Awaiting for your kind comments and rate. I hope be BLIND contest, Thanks :)
  • Hello CH! I just submitted #10. Please provide feedback for improvement of the logo. Thank you!
  • Hi CH. I just uploaded another entry #13. Any feedback would be appreciated. Have a great day!
  • Hope you enjoy my design! Have a good day! - Brian Havrilla
  • We would love to see the designers engage with the Global Education logo and the 20,000 milestone in a more creative way. At the same time we want the logo to retain our office identity.
  • I like it with the GEO logo next to the globe. I would try to work on the globe some more it still looks dark and flat.
    • I have submitted #19 for your consideration. Thanks!

  • I don't thin the leaves and the fonts work for us. Feel free to submit another entry.
    • Good Morning, Thank you for your feedback, I tried but fonts download requires ID and password from the style guide, so I used same family. I'm going to submit another design.

  • You should remove Duke University and give more prominence to the fact that we are celebrating 20k students
  • The laurel wreath doesn't work for us. Also I think that red doesn't fit well with our colors. Feel free to submit another design.
  • I don't think this would work for us. We are looking for something with more of a design element
  • Hi Zahava, I like the idea of the globe with the students holding hands around it. However, you should remove Duke University and the pedestals. Also, maybe the globe would look better not in solid color. You could try with the actual countries or a longitude and latitude grid.
    • I submitted an edited version #16. Please let me know if this is what you had in mind or if you desire further changes. Awaiting your reply:)

  • Try matching the blue of the globe with the blue of the GEO logo. Give more prominence to celebrating 20k students. You can try to place it outside of the globe.
    • Unfortunately, I have reached my upload limit. Because I am a new designer, I can only submit 5 entries. You would need to rate my designs so that I can submit more entries. Thanks.

    • I rated your designs. Thank you

    • Thanks:) I am working on it and will submit an update shortly.

    • I submitted #24. Please let me know of any additional changes you would like to see. Thanks:)

  • I like the students holding hands but not with the stars and maybe arranged differently. You should also remove Duke University because we cannot alter the University logo and keep just global education. In addition, it should say "celebrating" and not "celebrate"
  • Hi, I just submitted design #20 and I'd love to get your feedback and make any adjustments that you have. Thanks for reviewing!
  • Thank you