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There were so many great ideas, the hardest part was choosing the winner.

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Winning design #136 by Sheky, Logo Design for Dumayne Chiropractic Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Sheky

Project description

Thank you to everyone who submitted and spent time on this project. We really enjoyed the process and truly found it difficult to choose between so many great pieces of work!

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  • Hello there, thank you for submitting a design. I am really liking the simplicity of this. Any chance you could try and add in a pop of color, maybe a lime green? Also do you think you could play with our current logo to give it an updated look?
    • Hello there, any chance you could try to work the current logo into something circular?

  • Hello there, Thank you for submitting a logo for us! Any chance you can possibly wrap the wording in a circular fashion around the symbol? Were you able to see our current logo? I wonder if you can play off of that in some way? Maybe try and make our current logo an updated feel?
    • Hi! Thank for your feedback. I posted design #5 with the changes that you asked me, I hope you ll like it! F.

  • Hello there, thank you for submitting your design! I was wondering if you could possibly play with the colors? Maybe get a lime green in there and get rid of the blue? Also do you think you could play with our current logo to give it an updated look?
    • Hi CH! I have submitted #4. Three different version of the logo in green is provided...you can decide which looks the best :) and ya I am working on your current logo to give it an updated look. Will submit soon... Thanks!

  • Hello there, Do you think you could change the color of the spine and maybe add some color to the line? I'm not liking the dark green. I am enjoying the simplicity of the design.
  • Hello there, Could we try and orange and green color combo? Also, we are liking your first design that was not circular. Could you please make the color changes on that one as well?
    • Hi bdumayne11! I posted design #28, i hope you enjoy the colors, for other changes just ask me, F.

    • Thank you!

    • Hi! I posted another design, #45. It s more minimal than the others. F.

    • thank you, I appreciate you showing all the different variations that are possible. We have enjoyed seeing how many different ways it can be worked.

    • thank you for doing all the modifications and color changes, I really appreciate that!

  • Hi bdumayne11~ I created a logo for your consideration that is clean and simple in a 2-color combination of fresh green and an earthy brown. It features a natural and organic shape (similar to a spine) to create a lower case 'd' for your company name. Hope you like the concept: #18 Kind regards, PaintedPony
    • Thank you! Love the grass as the spine, very creative.

    • Thanks for the feedback and rating on #18. I created some variations to see if you like: #35 and #36 Thanks, PaintedPony

    • Hello there, I'm enjoying 36 the most. I think I had mentioned trying different color combos, maybe a different font?

    • Hi there~ Thanks so much for the ratings and feedback. Also, thanks for checking out my portfolio - I'm really glad you like my work. :) Per your suggestions, I made some revisions and modified the color combinations and fonts: #48 and #49 I also created a few more that I thought you might like that feature a natural, earthy and organic look: #50 #51 #52 I can easily mix and match color combos and fonts to your preference. Hope you like the new concepts. Thanks, PaintedPony

  • Hello there, Could I see this one with some of the back ground colors. I was just looking at your portfolio, very fun stuff!
    • Hello, I appreciate your interest in my work and I am willing to make all the little changes you want to see, but until all the works are not graded in points, I cannot upload more ... I have reached my limit of uploads until further grading. As soon as my limit of uploads is unlocked I will show you the options you want.

    • Hello there, I'm sorry about that. I had no idea there was a grading feature. I will have to work on that. Again sorry about that, betsy

    • |--|

      bdumayne11 {*wrote*}:
      Hello there, I'm sorry about that. I had no idea there was a grading feature. I will have to work on that. Again sorry about that, betsy
      |--| It's ok I uploaded more :) I updated #11 with #25 / #27 has the backround colors that you asked for before / and #29 is a new one . Hope you enjoy the changes . let me know what you think. have a nice day.

  • Hello there, I'm liking that font, thank you for making those changes!
  • Hello there, Thank you so much for spending your time on a design for us. I am really liking the simplicity of both of your designs. The abstract spine in the center, I would like to see a decrease in the number of curves, does that make sense? Could you please change that? I would love to see the changes on both of your designs, I liked both of them.
  • Hello there, Could we try it without the hands? Or, even more simplistic version of the hands? Thank you!
  • Thank you for your design! We are enjoying the feel of it, wondering if we could try a different font. Difficult to make out the name.
    • Sure, I will try with a new font. Thanks for the feedback ! :)

    • I'll make the words pop more .Thanks ! . I am enjoying working on this logo .

    • I'm glad that you are enjoying working on it :)

  • I really enjoyed your two designs. Any chance you can make Dumayne Chiropractic pop a little more?
  • Hello there, Thank you for all the alterations. Do you think you could try a few different color combos for us? My husband is enjoying this design, I am liking this one and your latest one with the circular design with the bubble spine.
  • Hello there, thank you for your alterations to the design. I think the circle took away the whole feel of the original piece? I'm liking the original better; however, I can't put my finger on exactly why.
  • My husband is enjoying the circular changes that you made. Do you think you could try and make the hands to have the same feel as your spine?
  • Hi Ch, I'm sending my first proposal, design #23. I hope you like it. Thank you!
    • Hello there, I love the different feels that you have created, something very calm and spa like to the logo that has the feel good feel to it.

  • CH, Thanks for the rating on entry #1. Please provide ways I could enhance the design more to your liking. dlbonanno64
  • Hello there, It was kind of in the wrong direction. The number of curves need to decrease, to simulate the number of curves in a spine. Not the amplitude/size of the curves.... Does that make sense?
    • Sorry, my bad. I realized that after I already posted "corrections". My concentration is terrible lately.

    • No worries, I figured it was my description that was off. I like the last one that you did!

  • Hello there, I know I had mentioned subtle in the original piece of work. Now that we are seeing them, my husband would like to see them pop a bit more; however, stay with the same colors.
  • Dear CH! Please tale a look at on designs #30, #31, and #32, I hope you like them.
    • Hello there, 31 is my favorite out of your three designs. I like the font in 31 and the concept of the grass; however, I would like to see the grass in a bolder way if that makes sense....