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Winning design #68 by LUISMENEZES, Logo Design for Dunes Realty (www.dunes.com) Contest
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designed by LUISMENEZES

Project description

We're looking for a logo to be created or a new Guest Loyalty program we are creating called "Dunes Escape". The Dunes Escape program will be a place for our guests to earn points for their vacation stay, see their stay history, and manage their reservation. We're approaching this logo search with an open mind. We have a company logo (attached as an example file) and that can be incorporated into this new programs logo or it can be completely original.

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  • Hi markr1~ I created a logo for your consideration that has a simple watercolor look and feel. Hope you like the concept: #15 Kind regards, PaintedPony
    • Thank You Painted Pony, I like your design quite a bit and would even place it among the favorites we have received thus far. Thanks, Mark

    • Hi Mark~ Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you like the logo. I revised the colors a little to add more blue and green to see if you like: #45

  • Hello, I recently submitted #25, and I wanted to know if you liked the design. My concern is that it is not very colorful, so I'm curious as to whether or not you'd like a different / more colorful version? Any feedback would be great
    • Hi, I like the style of your submission very much. The primary colors of our in development redesign will be 1069b3 and 42af57 if that helps. I agree the black and gold is a bit of a contrast.

  • Hello Mark, I have a few questions concerning the logo. What message are you trying to sent to your customers? What key words will the logo represent? Who is your target audience?
    • Hi, Here are your answers... -We are trying to get our customers to sign up for this new program. It's similar to a frequent flyer program for an airline. Their vacations will generate points they can use toward future stays as well as give them a place to share information about their current stay with other members of the vacation party. -I'm not sure specifically what you mean as to what the keywords will represent if you are referring to SEO value. The keywords for the logo should be "Dunes Escape" -Our target audience are family vacation travelers, upper middle class income families.

  • Greetings Markr Just posted #59 - I wanted to create a "feeling" more then a logo. Escape to me is dreaming. . . and empty canvas, and relaxed. Being around dunes, I'm always more drawn to the horizontal plain/view. Also used a type font I thought went well with your existing type. kind regards. Settimio
  • Hi CH I have made a logo #50 for you to review. I hope it meets your requirements. Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks!
  • Hello, My name is Tim. I submitted #72 a minimalist approach with a recognizable image of a sand dune that resembles a 'D' and a clean sans-serif font. #73 is a more playful symbol yet still relaxing and smooth, with a bold typeface, I also included the Dunes Realty to show how the logo could be slightly changed depending on the customer. #74 is an extended version of #72 with dunes resembling both letters D and E for dunes escape. The logo could be used with or without the text as shown in the one color version on the bottom. I hope you like these designs and thank you for your time.