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Winning design #66 by indy.kila, Logo Design for DynaLyfe Contest
Gold Medal

designed by indy.kila

Project description

DynaLyfe is a motorcycle clothing company. I am looking for a Emblem style Logo for the brand. (Ideas for emblem shape: hand grenade, Sprocket, Harley Quarter Fairing. Im open to other ideas as well.) Going for a clean modern look, on the rebellious/outlaw side. Harley Davidson Dyna motorcycles is what we are about. Dyna Wheelies are a big part of our industry. looking possibly for silhouette of a guy doing a wheelie on a dyna.

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  • please check .. maybe this as you mean. thanks #66
  • About #65, @indy.kila I like the rider on this one. But I like the bike from the original design #36
  • other variation, please check.. thanks #64
  • About #36, @indy.kila Could you get a little more detail in the actual guy on the bike?
  • please check my revision. thanks #56
  • Awesome. I like the shape of the grenade. I was thinking a grenade with the lever and pin. The rest looks great. #55
  • this is my other concept. maybe this is what you expect .. thanks #55
  • Can you some how use a hand grenade instead of the shield? Very nice work by the way. #32
  • I made the changes as you requested...I hope that I understood what you meant
    And please feel free to propose any other changes
    I'll be glad to service you until be satisfied with the design
    Many Thanks for your feedback #50
  • This one is a keeper. Can you do another design with the other wheelie guy in my brief with the emblem shape of a hand grenade? if you can pull it off I'd like both haha. #36
  • Not a fan of the rider. (his hands are also backwards. Left hand should be dragging) I like the the rest. #42
  • your in the right direction. Spelling is wrong though. "lyfe" we spell it with a "Y' instead of an "i" #37
  • I really like this. I'd like to see this with a silhouette of one of the wheelie guys in the briefing. Super like the rest of it though! #27
    • @tjacoby22 Thank you for feedback I will make changes, I have uploaded some new designs tell me what you think!

  • please check my design #37
  • This is great! If I can think of anything to change I will let you know. #36
  • I like this version the best so far. I like the style of the banner. I like some of the other ones that fit the bike inside the shield/emblem thing. #17
  • You are on the right track. Looking for more of an emblem style Logo. so far so good though. #6
    • @tjacoby22 many thanks for your feedback..I appreciate it Please check my new submissions for you Hope you like them And please feel free to propose any other changes I'm at your service until be satisfied with the design Thank you

  • Please check my design,Thank you. #10
  • Please check my design,Thank you. #9
  • Please check my design,Thank you. #1