Dynamic Mail Management

I came in with a design in mind that I was sure I wanted. But sikdesigns came up with a very cool original design that far exceeded my original thoughts. Great design and great communication and improvements.

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Winning design #50 by sikdesigns, Logo Design for Dynamic Mail Management Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sikdesigns

Project description

DMM is a patented web-based software application allowing mail room operators at large organizations to manage the distribution of packages and parcels with a bluetooth barcode scanner, tablet or other device, and diverse mailbox and rack space options. This is an elegant, flexible and innovative solution to a stagnant and old-fashioned operation that every large organization has to manage. We are bringing modern technology to the mailroom. The process and software improve the flow of parcels in and out of the mailroom in a much smoother fashion, with a simple user interface anyone can learn in minutes. The backend is robust and secure capturing thousands of data points allowing for continuous improvement. It is scalable to any size organization yet affordable for the smallest of operations

Initial ideas for the logo are similar to that of the original Playstation logo, a solid object with a multi-colored shadow. Our thought is a black envelop vector with a multi-colored envelop shadow falling behind it, with Dynamic mail Management to the left or below. But we are open to other clever uses of an envelop as well. I uploaded some initial sketches, but am open to other designs. 

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  • Coming from a bright place , exchanging messages all the information can be quickly , extensive network #97
  • Coming from a bright place , exchanging messages all the information can be quickly , extensive network #96
  • simple and cleand #93
  • Alt color scheme. Cheers #86
  • Hi Sir, I would be grateful to get some feedback. Thanks #85
  • @justin.streuli Please let me know if you have any suggestions in mind. Adjustments, directions. Thanks #84
  • Got another 1 for you. Please give me some directions. Thanks #81
  • Hi justin, If you have any suggestion, please let me know. Thanks #80
  • Also, can you try different colors like you did in #43 and #30, with the white envelope. #45
    • About #30, @http://justin.streuli Hello. Ok, I´ll make changes...

    • Hello again. I´ve sent you the logo with the changes you asked for (envelope and colors). See if you like some of those! About #45, @http://justin.streuli

  • Dynamic Mail ChangedLogo9 #78
  • Dynamic Mail ChangedLogo8 #77
  • Dynamic Mail ChangedLogo7 #76
  • Dynamic Mail ChangedLogo6 #75
  • Dynamic Mail ChangedLogo5 #74
  • Dynamic Mail ChangedLogo4 #73
  • Dynamic Mail ChangedLogo3 #72
  • Dynamic Mail ChangedLogo2 #71
  • Dynamic Mail ChangedLogo1 #70
  • Hi justin, I see your knocking them out quick. Is there anything in this proposal that I could adjust to bring it close to your vision? Thanks #69
  • The letter M formed a silhouette envelope shape. The shape of the envelope formed a gestalt form of a cube which can be interpreted as the management. #63