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Winning design #48 by jonos, Logo Design for Dysphagia Surgical Society Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jonos

Project description

We are a new medical society that's purpose is to promote and advance the science of surgical treatment for swallowing disorders. Our mission statement is: "To inspire innovation, educate medical professionals regarding dysphagia (swallowing disorders) and advance the surgical treatment of swallowing disorders in our lifetime." We are interested in a logo that represents our goals and projects innovation.

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  • DSS
    Is the mouth/throat part intended to look like a streetlight? Nice work. Can you do the "corona" around the lightbulb in 115 somehow around the "Streetlight" inside the person? And then both with and without sitting in the lightbulb. thanks
    • About #117, @DSS Now what should I do? .... I am ready to revise the logo but the contest has ended

  • I changed the fonts and colors. Hope you'll like it. Sincerely Christina. Thank you.
  • DSS
    We really like this one. CAn you send us some minor variations of this for our group to look at? #87
    • About #87, @DSS Hello! What do you mean (color, font, something change)? Sincerely Christina. Thank you.

  • DSS
    We like this one, but maybe not so much like an actual bulb. Would be better if the "bulb" was more abstract. #103
  • DSS
    We do like this one. Can we see some variations of this one? #48
  • DSS
    Not quite a "D". Any other ideas to get "DSS" into the image?
    • Please check design no. 143, 144 About #140, @DSS

  • About #127, @BrightArtAct
    hello , I don't know exactly if this image it is representative for the field that Dysphagia covers...or if you like it...I would be greatful if you let me know, thank you
  • DSS
    I like how abstract this one is. Any way of putting a "D" into the image as well? #130
  • a truncated square shapes form an abstract human body, represents Surgical Society. Accents graphic on inner mouth and esophagus represents Dysphagia. #136
  • @DSS
    Retouched lines and colour design #128
  • @DSS
    New proposal - endoscope variation design #127
  • @DSS
    New proposal #126
  • @DSS
    added scalpel , retouched colour, retouched lines #125
  • @DSS
    Retouched head lines, added contour balance colour #124
  • Hi :)
    Here is a new proposal , don't hesitate to tell me if you have color preference for your logo
    Thanks for your feedback
    Greetings #120
  • revision #103 / #117 DSS Logo....Thnks #119
  • revision #103 / #117 DSS Logo....Thnks #118
  • revision #103 DSS Logo... #117
  • revision #103 DSS Logo... #116
  • revision #103 DSS Logo... #115