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Fantastic service. Many great designers. Overall end product is directly related to the design brief. The results of this particular contest were somewhat limited due to the un-creative name of the store and less than exciting parameters. Despite that, the designers came through and provided many options which made it difficult to choose a winner. Thanks!

$275 paid

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Winning design #56 by vickoviczlatko, Logo Design for E-Z Stop Stores Contest
Gold Medal

designed by vickoviczlatko

Project description

New logo / branding for a Convenient Store chain in Southern West Virginia named "E-Z Stop Stores." The owner wants a logo that conveys a somewhat rustic, outdoors feeling that is in keeping with the West Virginia vernacular. Included in the brief is an architectural rendering of the store which helps set the tone of this "new age general store." The logo will be used on store products such as coffee cups, water bottles, t-shirts, hats, letterhead and the building itself. Also, included in the brief is their first attempt at a new logo generated by a vendor's graphic artist. They like the overall warm-earthy color scheme. They dislike that the background looks more like the mid-west than rural WV. They are torn on the round "seal" shape with the ribbon stating that it works on a water bottle but not on other medium and feels sort of like "clip-art." We are eager to see what ideas you have and thank you for your entries!  

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  • Thank you all so much for you submissions and in some cases, multiple revisions! I will now sit down with the owner to review this flurry of entries along with the their favorites from throughout the week. We will choose a winner as soon as possible.
    Thank you!
  • A bit short of time, not entirely finished. But plenty of exciting options to play around with, lets make something great together. #61
  • A bit short of time, not entirely finished. But plenty more exciting color options to explore, lets work together and make something great. #60
  • Here is the Desired logo for E-Z Stop stories, I hope that it captures your visions for the logo, for any modification feel free to contact me or comment below. #59
  • Hello. This is my first proposal for your logo. Of course, the font can be changed if you like the design. Please provide feedback for improving the design. Thank you.
    Rox Art Design #40
  • About #23, @agungman321
    This is quite interesting. I like the compass idea. Any chance you could make the mountain less of a perfect triangle and less step, maybe show 2 mountains or one and a half? Also maybe make the North South East and West letters a bit bigger? Also, please make "E-Z Stop" larger and "Stores" smaller on a second line.
    Thank you!
    • About #23, @DaleEast I have upload new revision # 39 as you ask I made the nswe 30% bigger. As for the mountain I have made less step on and less sharp and I add new element on it a seal with roof line on . and made the font arrange as you ask .Thank you . Feel free to contact me for any revision as you ask

  • E - Z STOP STORES #33
  • E-Z Stop Logo Design, I've been waiting Your feedback, it's the important thing. #32
  • About #30, @graphman
    Man you nailed "gas station" with this one! Just as you said, a great rival for the national chains. This will be put in front of the owner for that consideration, however they have been quite persistent about the rustic WV feel. Thank you for thinking bigger picture than even we are!
    • @DaleEast Thank you. I appreciated that!

  • About #19, @logosap
    This a much more clean and clrisp version of their original logo. The mountains do feel like WV. Thank you for submitting. I like your logo style / technique. If you have time, would you care to submit a complete new out of the box idea? No circle, no ribbon. Just something fresh? If not i understand and thank you for this submission.
  • Hi, here is a new proposal. I'm going to work on some mock-ups for you to look at. I wanted to do something that could translate nation wide, if or when you should choose to expand, outside of your area. I incorporated an icon "Ez" that would rival that of quicktrip, valero, or 7 elevens. It would also sit well on merch. Thanks. #30
  • About #16, @win
    Thank you for your submission. I see what you are trying to convey, it just comes across too playful. The happy sun, hills, and the circle with the ribbon are just not a strong enough signature to brand the store. Again, feel free to break away from the circle and ribbon as it in not necessarily the best route.
    • win

      @DaleEast Thanks for the response, I will soon send another design.

  • About #11, @lmtrudgeon
    Thank you for resubmitting, and thank you again for your fresh outside of the box thinking. I think there are a lot of strong forms here but they may be smoothed together too much with the shadows and shading. Could I challenge you to take this "retro fuel pump" form and play with it in black and white only. To simplify it down to a crisp clear iconic shape. Also to use the text "E-Z Stop" and "Stores", and use them only once, I see two E-Z's in this which is needed. Thank you for your time and entries.
    • About #11, @DaleEast Thank you for the helpful feedback. I submitted another, working with this gas pump and making it black and white with some gray. You're very welcome, it's my pleasure to work on this logo.

  • Hello #DaleEast, Please Check and Give Feedback. #18
  • About #12, @pluk99
    Also, please get the word "Stores" in their. Maybe smaller and below the E-Z Stop line.
  • About #12, @pluk99
    I like this - I think you are on to something. However these "snow covered" sharp peaked mountains do not existing in the State of West Virginia, they are more of a Colorado icon. The mountains in West Virginia are more tree covered and less "pointy." Is there anyway you could revise this logo to mimic West Virginia mountains more. I know you are not from the USA, but a quick google search should help. This may be easier said than done. Also, I like the colors, but could you play with maybe a few more of the colors in the clients original logo. Less blue and more oranges and blacks. Thank you.
  • About #17, @moll
    On paper you did what was asked. Warm colors check, WV feel with the black bear check, but all together it is somewhat weak. Please play with the overall shape and text placement, maybe add some hills. If you want to stick with the circle, maybe make it look more like a simple "seal." if you want to abandon the circle and rectangle text, feel free to do so. Looking forward to your next submission. Thank you.
  • About #13, @chartcorp
    Thank you for this submission. Yes, I am the architect of the project, client has asked that we administer this competition. I have daily communications with the client. I know the name of the store is less than creative (we pleaded with them to change it but we are stuck with it as they have many locations and LLC's) The wood grain sphere is interesting, but the overall concept still does not say "WV rustic convenience store." I hope this feed back helps. Please feel free to abandon the circle shape if it is holding you back.
  • About #5, @lmtrudgeon
    This logo has too much going on, and all of it is saying plant store to me. This does not feel like a rustic gas station. However thank you for thinking outside the box, but we are too far from the brief here.
    • About #5, @DaleEast Thank you for the sound feedback. I have created a new design #11.

  • win
    Logo design that I show is the symbol sunset / sunrise warm in the green woods of West Virginia.
    Hopefully you please and if there is a correction soon I do.
    Thank you. #16