E&N Financial Services, Inc.

This was our first design contest, and we were pleasantly surprised by not only the number of designs submitted, but the willingness of the designers to submit new and revised logo designs based on our feedback. The hardest part of the entire process was picking a winning design!


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Winning design #269 by OmegaArt, Logo Design for E&N Financial Services, Inc. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by OmegaArt

Project description

Erie and Niagara is an A.M. Best “A” (Excellent) rated Property Casualty insurance company and has been insuring New York State policyholders since 1875. Erie and Niagara writes commercial, farm and personal lines business through a network of independent agents. E&N Financial Services, Inc. is an agency (brokerage) that has been created to allow us to offer products and services for which Erie and Niagara is not Chartered. We are looking to create a logo for ENFS that complements the Erie and Niagara Branding Image. We have a simple, but recognizable logo design and thus far have distinguished subsidiary companies by color. Erie and Niagara - Green, Cherry Valley - Red and E&N Financial Services, Inc. - blue. (See Erie and Niagara and Cherry Valley logos for reference). We would like design ideas that include the Company Name, and design ideas that include just the Company Initials as we are unsure which would be preferred at this point. Erie and Niagara Insurance is a company with a strong, local history. Tagline - "The Strength of our Past is the Foundation of our Future" While E&N Financial Services, Inc. is a new addition, the financial strength of the parent company supports the strength of this division. We are really looking forward to seeing creative logo design ideas that will tie in with current logo(s), but be unique in its own right.

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  • I really like how you've used the same font structure from the Erie and Niagara Logo... Any ideas on how we could create an image that portrays financial security that could be incorporated with the E&N?
  • We want to keep with E&N Financial Services (brokerage of Erie and Niagara) for the logo. I like the idea of using shades of blue, but not the square / flag shape.
  • Thank you for your prompt reply! We like the clean look of this design - without the square box.
  • Too much like designs already submitted
  • What a neat idea - making a design out of the letters E and N! The proportion to the length of the company name is a bit stark, though.
    • Thanks for the feed back. I submitted #99 I made the company name vertical instead of horizontal to go more with the size of the logo

  • Hi CH, Any feedbacks about entry #101? Thanks in advance.
  • Dear CH any suggestion about my entry No. #91 Thanks
    • What if you use a heavier font type incorporating the green color of the parent company into the lettering?

  • Dear CH - thank you for points for #82. All the time I'm trying to make it better - your suggestions are VERY HELPFULL therefore thx a lot for all. Sometimes it just takes more time to do what I want...
    • I like the design - do you think we could incorporate the parent company green into the design in some way? We still want the primary color to be blue.

    • Actually that's something I was thinking about and that's what I'm going to do now. I hope I'll get to the ponit.

  • Too similar to already submitted designs.
  • Too similar to already submitted designs.
  • Dear Chrisf, #86 is the blue version of my recent design ( #84 ), hope you like it, thanks.
  • We want to keep the Blue but are open and interested to tying in the parent company green. I like the transition from the E to N!
    • my god it's so fast...ok, ill try to incorporate blue color to it.

  • Dear CH, thanks for your feedback, i appreciate it, #84 is my second design for you, it's classical than earlier design, seek for your feedback, thanks.
  • A little too simple.
  • Interesting idea! Could you incorporate color?
    • Hello Thank You for the feedback. a few versions of color uploaded #63 and #67 The bottom of the ampersand and or N is actually pillars. to achieve the financial element as the pillar the foundation to any building. Open for any revisions Thank You

    • I actually noticed the pillar and tie to foundation / financial stability. I like it with color, but the green is a little too bright for my taste.

  • I like it - but I'd like it more if the letter "N" could be distinguished.
    • please see my update design #79 thanks

    • Much better! Thanks for giving us more options to choose from!

  • I like the look of #22 better - could you try it keeping the ENFS and adding the full company name in some way?
  • A bit too simple of a design.
  • Too simliar to ideas already submitted. We still don't know for sure what we're looking for and are looking for different options.
  • Like the concept - but not the puzzle piece...