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Winning design #450 by hollander, Logo Design for Early Rebel  Contest
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designed by hollander

Project description

Early Rebel is a company that makes custom pedalboard roadcases for guitarists. The designs are different than what is currently in the market. The boards come stock with a mic stand base built into the board, along with a guitar stand built into the lid. Our pedalboards will set the bar for quality and innovation in the marketplace. We need a logo designed for our website, along with engraving into a design element of our pedalboard. 

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  • The Logo With Respect To Light & Dark Backgrounds..

    Feedback Appreciated..
    Thanks :) #610
  • ^_^

    count me
    hope you like my proposal

    thank you #609
  • Revised Design #607.. #608
  • ^_6

    count me
    hope you like my proposal

    thank you #605
  • Hello CH,
    Please find the attached conceptual Logo for your business.
    Hoping for the positive reply from your side :)
    Thanks. #598
  • Revised Design #577.. #578
  • The Logo Designed Completely In Another Dimension Within A Rounded Square Looks Professional Yet Clean Appeal :)
    Feedback Appreciated..

    Thanks :) #577
  • Revised Design #570..
    The Complete Logo Mock Up On T-shirts, With Respect To Various Backgrounds..

    Hoping For The Best (:

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    Thanks :) #575
  • About #570, @dilipdomain007
    Please Check It In Full Size View (:
  • Hello, there..

    Here I Came Up With New Design, Looks Completely New Yet Unique In It's Own Aspects..

    The Design Comprises The Letter 'ER' Incorporated To Design Within A Triangular Shape With Clean & Professional Design :)

    The Logo Branding Have Been Done With Presentations..

    Please Let Me Know, If You've Any Quires Or Suggestions..
    Feedback Please..
    Thanks :) #570
  • Revised Design #564.. #566
  • Thanks For The Eliminations Of The Designs So Far, I've Submitted..

    Here I Came Up With New Updated Design With Respect To You're Expectations..
    Feedback Appreciated..

    Thanks :) #564
  • Dear Sir
    This logo is very very simple,clean and unique. #560
  • Revised Design #549..

    Updated Design With Respect To Mockup Backgrounds & Colors..
    Feedback Appreciated.

    Thanks :) #552
  • If you realy want to best logo than take it go #551
  • Hello, There..
    I've Took the Design Into Whole New Level With Creative Concept..

    The pedalboard roadcase Company has its own official identifying mark that’s aesthetically pleasing..

    This identifying mark reflects the Letter 'ER' Incorporated To Design Like A Triangular Shape Symbolizes Guitar Theme With Decent Colors Portrays The Logo To Look Professional Yet Unique..

    Please Do Review The Design, & Let Me Know The Opinion Over The Design :)
    Feedback Appreciated..
    Thanks ) #549
  • stomp on it #548
  • About #540, Sir, please eliminate this rounded design because this design something similar with another designer's design. I don't see before creating this. thanks.
  • Sir, check these. thanks. #541
  • Please Check my Design,Thank you. #539