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Winning design #69 by Niff, Logo Design for Earth-conscious Property Development Firm Logo Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Niff

Project description

We would like to brand ourselves, starting with the all-important logo, which we want to reflect our core values of sustainability and responsible earth-stewarship.

Please focus on a very professional, clean look. Please stay away from youthful or whimsical graphic directions.

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  • areiter, The icon speaks about your company name which is land development and water rights. Modifications are welcome. Hope you appreciate it...thanks jctoledo
  • Please revise along this line of thought without a reference to a house or structure of any kind. We specialize in raw lang development and infrastructure only. Nice direction, though. Thank you!
  • This is cool, but our team unfortunately immediately thought the graphic looked like a breast. We know that wasn't your intent, but please bear with us. We like the concept of a graphic representation of a sunrise or fields of green, so if you could retool along those lines will keeping a professional look/feel we would love to see what you can do. Thanks!
  • You have a very clean style, and we would like to see what you can come up with while losing references to structures or water graphically. We are looking for a professional feel and less whimsy. Thank you!
  • Please revise without references to houses, otherwise we like the angular direction you are going. We specialize in land development but don't build actual dwellings. Thanks!
  • We like the incorporation of a tree, but please revise with sharper edges - especially in the text. Thanks!
  • Please lose references to structures, and try to trend toward more angular graphics. Thanks!
  • Thank you for trying to incorporate the aspects of our business. If you could work on a more conservative direction and not worry about referencing water rights in the graphic, we would love to see what you come up with. Thanks!
  • Applicants, I just revised some of the project profile information. We are looking for a less whimsical direction and a more professional look/feel. L4 does not actually build structures, so no references to homes or buildings are appropriate in the graphics - we focus on the infrastructure and geographic layout of projects. Thank you!
  • We like where you are going with this, and would like to see revisions along this line.
  • Dear Areiter, Thank you for liking my earlier entry #17 and #18. Here's my revision of those as you have requested, I lose the sun and earth toned it. Please tell me if it still doesn't suit to your taste, it would be my pleasure to revise it until your satisfaction reached. Yours, Niff
  • Thanks for liking #26. Here's another version of it. Your company name seem to pop out of the background. Still simple and straightforward...
  • The revised version of #12. Sharper edges, applying earth colors...
  • This design concept still says house roof to us, if you have ideas away from that impression we would like to see them. Thanks!
  • Great concept - although we are based in Utah and our current activities are confined to that state, we are not limiting our future business to the state so if you could revise to something less Utah-specific we would love to see what you can do. Thanks!
  • We like the general concept, but are interested in more depth and don't be afraid to use other colors as well. Thanks!
  • We think you have a cool idea, but are interested in graphics that are less rounded. Thank you
  • If you could work toward sharper edges and stronger earth tones, we would love to see what you can do. Thank you!
  • Nice direction, would you do some revision and move toward a font style that is sharper please? The leaf concept is attractive and if you have more ideas along that line we would like to see them. Thank you.
  • We like this, very simple, colors are great. If you could generate more ideas along this line, we would like to see what you can come up with. Thank you!