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I’m looking for a logo that includes a designed image and my new company name - Earth Song Jewelry - next to it. I checked "pictoral mark" because I need a logo, but I also need the name of the company, just not as part of the logo image, so not a "wordmark". 

I wrote up what kind of logo I’m looking for, my brand messaging, colors and included examples of logos and fonts that I like (and what I do not like) in a PDF file that I attached to this project. Please read through it for the details of what I am looking for so you know what style of designs to submit.

NEW INFO and FILE UPLOADED: July 12 2019 - I uploaded an image of my current company earring cards and hang tag. This is for your reference so you can see how I need a logo to fit on the 2" x 2" earring card and the 1" wide x 1-3/4" long hang tag card. Of course, I'll also use the new logo for my biz cards, website and social media avatars. Since avatars are so small, any logo image would need to be recognizable in as a small avatar. Note that on the earring card, the earrings will hang down and block the right and left sides of the card.  The holes are currently 7/8" apart, I could make the next batch 1" apart, but not much further. So, please think of you logo image as fitting between the holes and being printed 5/8" wide. 

Any questions, please let me know.
I’m excited to see what ideas the community comes up with!

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  • ESJ
    About #183, @Mahendra_Mahe Ok, I printed out the top contenders on biz and earring sized cards to see how the logos worked printed at the scale I'll be using them. For this design, it looked like a good size on the screen, but didn't print well to a smaller size.

    The tree pretty much disappeared and the little lines you have in the foreground just look like marks. So... I think elements need to be larger to fix that. How about getting rid of the purple "s" lines in the foreground. Then, moving the blue "S" lower so the mountains and tree can be larger so they show up better?

    FYI - on biz card, the logo will be about 1-1/8" diameter. On the earring card, it will be about 5/8" diameter. Just so you have an idea of the size it needs to be seen when printed.

    If something is needed to fill in the space below the blue "S" since you'll be taking away the little purple lines, perhaps another one of the blue "S" shapes could be below the top one? Probably not as long as the top one. Just trying to think of an idea to help. But you have a good artistic eye, I'm sure you'll come up with something better than my idea. ;)

    OK, that's my input. I have your concept as #4 in my list, but it won't work as is, so I hope you can make the changes so we can see if it will work better! thanks!
  • ESJ
    Oh, thanks for the update! I'll eliminate #177, as I like this one better. I need to print this out on sample biz and earring cards to see how it looks when printed at those sizes. I'm doing that with my top entries and I think this is a good one. My only thought looking it here before printing at scale is that the trees are probably going to disappear being so small. but, I'm not sure if larger trees would look out of scale with the mountains. I'll check it out printing and let you know. Thanks! #215
  • ESJ
    Oops, sorry, I just posted the comment from #182 here by accident...

    So, the right side image of this #167 is in my top 3. But when I did my test print, it ends up the extra lines in the border don't work well for the earring sized cards. So, can you change the border of this image to be the same outside border you used for #182? That looked good when printed.

    FYI - the left side logo on this one is eliminated. I like #182 better for that style.
    thanks so much! #167
  • ESJ
    Hi! OK, Right now I have #170, this one #182 and the right side of your # 167 as my top 3 choices. I printed them out in the sizes they would be on biz cards and earring cards to test how they would look.

    For this #182 it would help a lot if you could make the lines you used for the mountains and river thicker like the lines used in #170. Otherwise, when printed on earring sized cards these lighter weight lines are hard to see. So, can you do that update on this design?

    Also see my comment for #167. Thanks! We're getting close! #182
  • About #211, @Routh
    Hi, Miss Cynthia :)
    I want to do better for your logo , so i gave you many variation but anyway if you do not want anymore.....

    Have a awesome day ... :)
  • ESJ
    I still prefer #167 more. :) Maybe you don't need to submit any more variations on that same theme? I already like the version of #167, so unless it's something significantly different I figure you can save yourself extra work. :) #210
  • ESJ
    The scattering of so many trees doesn't work. The mountains look good lower down like this. #208
  • ESJ
    I don't like the little loopy part on the bottom. Also too much same color across the logo. Loses the details. #206
  • ESJ
    Still too heavy with colored in areas. If you could take that down some, the mountains and trees you have look like good. Just too much dark color in the image. Perhaps try something other than the blue in the bottom? And get a bit more white in your mountains to lighten them up? Especially on the side with the trees - the mountain and trees merge together. #203
  • ESJ
    These trees are better, but they still look like clip art. I'm liking the trees in the higher rated designs better. Thanks for trying again! ;) #205
  • ESJ
    I'm going to eliminate this one, - I assume you can see the comment I already made for it even it I eliminate it. That comment explains why I'm eliminating this submittal. #192
  • ESJ
    Not even close to what I'm looking for - which is mountains landscape. ;) #202
  • ESJ
    About #181, @eLdeRay This is interesting! I like the sun outside looking like it's on the end of a ring - cool border. But ... on the left of the "sun" I see some very light lines, I'm not sure if they are supposed to be there? I also see a bit of the blue curving under the sun. Maybe instead it could just end at the border and not have it try to go around the "sun" ? I think you're trying to make it look like a ring setting? Which it does, but it can still look like that without the extra lines after the border section meets the sun on the right side. Anyway, I really like this idea for the border, thanks for the new concept!

    For the images inside, when it's larger it looks fine, but smaller is a bit of a problem with the blue areas and trees along the road/river (looks like either to me). If you make this logo about 1/2" (like it will be on the earrings cards I print) it is hard to see what is there except the mountains. So... one thought is to bring the mountains lower a bit so there is more white space above them. Then change what you have in front so it will show up when the logo is printed as the small size. I know that is a tough request to design for, but my logo needs to fit on my earring cards and hang tags, which means it will be shrunk down to about 1/2 - 5/8" diameter.

    Hoping you can update with my input, as I like the outside so much. ;)
  • ESJ
    I commented on #192 but wanted to add here - I like these mountains better than any you have added since. So can you just fix these so they aren't looking like the lean left without re-drawing them to be totally different? Or use the mountains you have in #167 - they seem similar but don't have that slanted look. ;) #182
  • ESJ
    Oh, I should say, the mountains are better in this, than in #182, though. They don't look like they are leaning to the left. From these two, I'd pick the mountains from the right side image. But I still like the mountains in #182 if they could just not look like they are leaning left from the slant. So can you just fix that and leave the mountains otherwise as they are in #182? #192
  • ESJ
    I prefer your #167 over this different layout in the image. For this layout of the river up to the mountians , I prefer design #171. Otherwise, I like your previous designs #167 and #182 better than the latest updates. #192
  • Sorry, i uploaded another version.
    please check this tree type. hope you like. Thanks #205
  • Dear Sir
    please check this tree type. hope you like. Thanks #204
  • ESJ
    This border is interesting. I don't like the lines for the sun's rays.

    Also I think the trees are just too small to really see. I'm looking at it here and can't tell what's there unless I hover over and make the logo larger. I like your mountains, but there's just something missing from the overall logo for this one and #176. sorry! #199
  • ESJ
    Just noticed that I like the mountain style you have in #24. Can you bring that style over to this? #177