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Winning design #814 by punkscratch13, Logo Design for Earthables Contest
Gold Medal

designed by punkscratch13

Project description

Relaunching my Media Blog about nature and travel  (current live site) into (domain we are switching to)

I need a logo for earthables that is clean friendly and stands out

The Colors are Primary Green for the background and White for the Logo 

   Looking for something like a "facebook" "twitter" or "pinterest" logo. Minimal but bold and stands out very well

All ideas for characters and designs are welcome. Mainly Looking for a nice looking lowercase " e "  that is shaped into a green pin like on google maps and maybe incorporating a leaf or the world some how. But again open to any and all ideas of what you think may work well for a social media centered media blog. 

This will be used as icons, profile pictures and banners throughout social media, so keep that in mind when submitting a design.

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  • Just checked my design, simple and modern font, thank you ... #1038
  • with Rounded at e.. and earttables font #1025
  • thanks for playing around with the icon placement,

    i really love both your e logo and your e pin logo.

    could i see an "" text? #914
  • Feedback and Rating Please. #986
  • Feedback and Rating Please. #985
  • Feedback and Rating Please. #984
  • I created the pin like as leaf.
    Hope you like. #983
  • Feedback and Rating Please. #975
  • Simple and clean logo with e shaped icon. Please give feedback. Thank you. #974
  • please check #968
  • Earthables #967
  • Please Checkout this #957 design.
  • could i see this logo, where instead of a circle at the top of the e, could you make that a leaf, or a globe.. something that says earth more #709
    • About #709, @zachsouza okay, i'll do it.. just wait in couple hours..regards

    • About #709, @zachsouza circle at the top of the e there is meaning head of people hug the world (green circle in the middle of e)... i'll try change the concept..

  • Location pin, letter and a leaf... rate and provide feedback please #932
  • hai dear, i hope this is logo you want, i can improve this if everytime for you.
    success for your bussiness
    than you :) #930
  • you are welcome to rate my design
  • this is still my favorite logo of yours, but i still feel like theres something missing, could i see a few more different types of e logos, more along the lines of this one, rather than your other submissions #709
    • About #709, @zachsouza i'll try my best..thanks for you feedback..Regards

  • Just checked my design, please take the feedback, thank you ... #917
  • Hi im sorry i think i mis communicated what i wanted out of this.

    I didnt want you to remake the google maps logo.

    All i wanted to show you was how the pin in that logo comes off of the icon. And i want a green and white logo of #814 where the top of the pin comes off of the square icon.

    and another icon for #417 where the leaf or some other part comes off the square icon as well #885
    • About #885, @zachsouza
      Hi. i'm sorry too for misunderstood. Revision has uploaded. #914 please

  • Here is the proposal. Pls give feedback #907