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Project description

The brand Earthling focuses on providing consumers with sustainable party products to help reduce their carbon footprint whilst having a good time.

We are looking for a logo that looks simple, fun, edgy and appeals to the younger audience whilst at the same time gives the customer an idea of our most important value: sustainability. Importantly we'd like to stay clear of the standard sustainability cliche such as leaves and trees.

The definition of Earthling is "an inhabitant of the earth (used especially in science fiction by members of alien species)". As such we'd like the logo to have a character included. Perhaps either a simple friendly looking "earthling" or an astronaut. This character will be the face of the brand.

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  • Preview of real application of my first concept #93
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  • This is my second concept, feel free to ask me if you want any change

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  • Please check my entry sir, let me know if you want any change
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  • I use the space shuttle window to see the earth.
    By the way, the plane is painted in green, even so the window frame is green too.
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  • simpliest astronot concept #64
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  • unique,simple,proffesional for austronout. hi sir please check my design and get me feedback. thank you :} #51
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  • i hope me design can represented your expetation.. thx #17
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