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Winning design #263 by lukastatroman, Logo Design for EarTop Logo Design Contest Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lukastatroman

Project description

EarTop is looking for the best logo possible-- a logo that is simple, powerful in its own standing, unique, and related to what Eartop stands for. Our logo will be going on large banners, the homepage of our website, on business cards, and on documents.

*Hint*: We like this phrase: "Life Unplugged"

*Another Hint*: Emphasis on the "E" and "T" would be appreciated!

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  • Definately not the font I'm looking for..try something more sleek, smooth,and crisp. Think Bose or Jabra like font.
  • Intense font. Please Capitalize the E and T though..we'd like to have emphasis there..or make the whole thing capitalized. Love the style though. Like what you've got going with the P as well...maybe see if you could add some color somewhere..I like where this is headed! =)
  • this is the first draw of my second idea i am playing also with different fonts trying to find other ideas
  • and slightly different again, this time with your other strapline and some blue. Cheers. Liz.
  • About #56 Hello Contest Holder, Thanks for your feedback. I added #14 and #56 as possible variations on #5. Let me know if there's edits you want me to make to either or to the original.
  • Death CH I submit new change in design #34 to design #54 According to your ammendments
  • Dear CH, I have extended the top of the E, changed logo above, and added your strapline as requested. Thanks for your feedback.
  • Dear Contest Holder, #47 & #48 are modern designs based on the bluetooth icon. Colors and font choices are flexible. The logo font for #48 reuses the shapes and angles of the bluetooth icon, with the outer rounded shape resembling the icon as well. Enjoy!
  • Now this...this is interesting..change the words below to "Life Unplugged" or "Power. Performance. Portability" please. Also, extend the E's line in "EarTop" and maybe come up with a different logo for above it..but I like where you're going..keep it coming!
  • Hmm...the colors are too chopped up..try just a red with some fading gradient on a black background, with a bolder and sleer font please...looking forward to what you can come up with!
  • interesting take Nazim...lets see waht going back to the white background does..and please change the font back to what you had for the other submissions you had..I liked them much better!
  • Hmm different with the yellow...interesting..However, I'm not a fan of the font. Please change to something sleek and bolder. Thanks! :)
  • looks like "aT" almost...keep playing..and please change font
  • too blocky. GO sleeker!
  • I really like this. Instead of saying bluetooth wireless solutions, say "Life Unplugged" or "Power. Performance. Portability." Let's see how that looks!
  • Interesting take, but the E and T should compliment each other as far as color..also, the font looks week...bigger, bolder, better! :)
  • BETTER! Maybe try black on the E and T and leaving it on a white background? Keep workin with it!
  • Need something my distinguishable
  • Interested..same feedback as the last one you submitted
  • Much Better! I like this..but not a fan of how small EarTop is...find someway to create a image logo and keep EarTop big