East Indy Dental Care

Everyone was wonderful about making changes and letting the designs evolve over time. Very happy with how this turned out! Exactly what I wanted, but didn't know I wanted at the start! Everyone was very patient with me! Thanks!

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Winning design #158 by BrandLogo, Logo Design for East Indy Dental Care Contest
Gold Medal

designed by BrandLogo

Project description

New logo - rebranding for the opening of new office

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  • Winner! Thanks for going back and forth with this so much! #158
    • @skomanec Hello CH, Thanks For Your comment.

  • Can I see tooth a little bolder too? #149
    • @skomanec Hello CH,
      Please check #158 I make tooth little bit bold, If you want more , Let me inform
      Thank You.

  • Can we make the “dental Care” stand out a little more? Thanks! #133
    • @skomanec Hello CH, Please check #156 any changes required let me inform Thank you.

  • East Indy in a sans serif, please :) #103
    • @skomanec Hello CH, Please check #155 Thank You

    • @skomanec Hello CH, Please check #155 Thank You

  • Can I see it even a little larger- even if you have to lose the lines? Thanks! #149
    • @skomanec Hello CH, Please check #153 Any change ? Thank you.

  • “Dental Care” larger please. Thanks! #103
  • Hi sir, Here i have show a new design.If need any modification pls feel free to ask me

    Thanks #150
  • I think this is my favorite right now, but can we make the dental care a little larger. Want to make sure that first and foremost people know we’re are a denta office - thanks!! #147
    • @skomanec Hello CH,
      Thanks For your Feedback Please check #149 hope so you like it.
      still any changes required let me inform, i'm ready to provide you best quality Design as you want.
      Thank You.

  • Hello CH,
    Please Check #147 Any changes required please inform me.
    Tahank You.
  • Hi sir, Please see this design. Thanks #140
  • Hi. Thanks for feedback. I have added a new font to design. I hope to you it will be pleasant. Thanks. #137
  • Hello CH,
    Please check #133
    Thank You
  • Hello CH,
    Please check #132
    Thank You
  • Hello CH,
    Please check #131
    Thank You
  • Hello CH,
    Please check #130 Another Font Option
    Thank You.
  • Love this - can I also see in serif and sans serif fonts for the “East Indy” portion? Thanks! #114
    • @skomanec Hello CH, Please check #129 Any changes required regarding Font, Color Scheme Or Something else, Let me inform. Thank You.

  • Can I see with a variety of other fonts, as well. Serif and sans serif fonts? Thanks! #115
  • Like this font but can I see a sans serif “East Indy” to compare? And a serif font as well -thanks #122
  • Can I see in a sans serif font as well? Thanks! #125
  • Hello CH,
    Please check #116 Design will be simple, clean and Professional. Font style Really Suite the Logo. hope so you like it
    Any Changes required let me inform.
    Thank You