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Winning design #103 by maxondesigns, Logo Design for East Texas Elite Kennels Contest
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designed by maxondesigns

Project description

Need a logo for a kennel name for my dog training business. E-TEK  ,  We do general obedience & Gun dog training.  Retrieving hunting dogs mainly for ducks, we run hunt test and field trials.  Eli was the name of the dog that got me started so would like to somehow draw out he ELI in elite.   

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  • HI, I would like to take a moment and thank you again for the opportunity. It has been a blast working on this project. I feel that this version along with just the black and white version really hits the mark so to speak. It's clean, dynamic, simplified, readable, inviting but most of all it is memorable. One aspect that I really like is how well it reads with the title being on one line with emphasis on "Eli". It is a design that will work well with your marketing materials and one you can be proud of for years to come. Thank You! #103
  • Please comment my work. If there is anything you want to change, fix or replace...please tell me, it`s not a problem to work on design to make it better.
    Thank you! #102
  • This is my other concept #101 , please rate or feedback . Thank you .. it nice to be in your contest #101
  • Hi, this version uses a stylized "Eli" as the main focus point. Composition is well balanced and easily readable at what ever size you may need the design. Thank You! #97
  • Hi, a simplified version to the design. Thank You! #84
  • Hi, Good Day! Any feedback? / revisions? / star rating? More details about me, portfolio, skills, designs are in my profile page. Thanks!
  • Hi, Good Day! Any feedback? / revisions? / star rating? More details about me, portfolio, skills, designs are in my profile page. Thanks!
  • Hi, Good Day! Any feedback? / revisions? / star rating? More details about me, portfolio, skills, designs are in my profile page. Thanks!
  • Hi, this is the revised version in black and white. Notice how crisp everything is and also notice how the dog is placed in the center really draws the viewer into the design. Thank You! #80
  • Hi, here we have concentrated on the color palette for this version. Please take notice we changed the dog on this one which really adds some character to the design. The composition reads well with all the elements complimenting each other. If you would like to see any changes or additions made to the design please let me know. Thank You! #79
  • Hi, with the title "Elite" it relays the message of being upscale which is what this design is based on. Very classic readable version. Thank You! #72
  • Revised version of the black and white in color. #71
  • Hi, this is my favorite design of the ones I have submitted. Notice the treatment we added to the bottom of the logo. Ties everything together nicely. Thank You! #70
  • Hi, here we have the design in grey scale along with the logo put into use. Very clean and very inviting. Thank You! #69
  • Another very clean version for the design. Thank You! #60
  • Hi, please note that when you are viewing these wonderful designs you should view them in "Full View Size" to capture the crispness of the colors used in all the designs submitted. Thanks.
  • Hi, this version is as unique as it gets. I love the composition and incorporating the "star" into the design. Very readable and has a smooth flow with the elements. Thank You! #56
  • Hi, I have been working on this version for some time now. I concentrated on the composition using a unique shape to relay your message which lends itself well for placing on hats, hunting vest, shirts etc. The design encompasses all the elements you are seeking in your design. We have E-Tek nice and bolt centered at top. We have "East Texas" nice and readable split with the state of Texas. The main title "Elite" is very dominate putting emphasis on "ELI" just enough to stand out and still be readable as one word. "Kennels" is nicely tucked away in the title. I then concentrated on the picture image of the hunting scene. I wanted to make sure that the dog stood out more than the rest of the image. Notice the little details like bringing in the darker blue on the hunter which is used on the design. This give the design life and excitement. I like the idea of incorporating the sun into the design as this brings in a warmth to the over all logo. The ducks look fantastic bringing movement to the design. I then topped it off with a red star and the established date. Very well proportioned design that is very inviting and most of all memorable in it's uniqueness. Hope you like this version and I look forward to your thoughts. Thank You! #55
  • i hope u like it #53
  • Hello! I hope you will like it. If you need any changes, do not hesitate to let me know please. Sincerely, Kristina. Thank you. #50