EastGate United Pentecostal Church

It was a great experience. The response from the designers was nearly in real time. The submissions were all very good quality. Very happy with the final result.

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Winning design #67 by nicolets , Logo Design for EastGate United Pentecostal Church Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nicolets

Project description

I pastor a church.  We are in process of moving to larger facilities and feel the need to re-brand.  We are changing the name of the chruch to: EastGate.  

The full name is slightly long but can be incorporated:
United Pentecostal Church

The suggested, but not mandatory, color scheme:  Black, Tan, Burgandy ... ish... or not - up to you - i am definitely not color scheme literate thus the need for your help.

Info for possible inspiration:
We are located in Anchorage Alaska
Biblical significance of "EastGate" - look up Ezekiel 43:1-2, 4-5

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  • please your feedback #69
  • this is my design #68
  • some variation in design #57
  • check this revised version #55
  • you can see 'E' and 'G' short form of east gate........ #28
    • About #26, @JonSpringer
      thanks a lot, lets make it again with your advice

  • @JonSpringer please see this CH:) #44
  • @JonSpringer please see it ch :) #43
  • @JonSpringer hi ch, thankyou for the feedback. please check my revisions. Thankyou. #42
  • I'm really liking that. Thank you. #38
    • About #38, @JonSpringer thank you very much Sir for this great appreciation and ratings...

  • I added a photo of the Anchorage Alaska skyline to the brief for general reference. Thanks guys doing great!
  • I like the balance of the lettering. I like the mountains. // I don't like the roof cross. I will also need to put this on existing sign space which is long and skinny-ish. Can you extend the mountains out a little left-right and possibly incorporate city-scape skyline - such as city buildings in front of the mountains. Thanks!! #22
  • I like the lettering and color scheme. I like the background. // I don't like the logo. Please try cityscape (skyline) mountain outline. #26
  • 2nd #21
  • here sir #20
  • About #10, @ronggo99 okay sir.., thanks for your feedback
  • Definitely on the right track I think. Because of the existing building, the signage needs to go across the front of the building. I need the dimensions to be wider instead of taller. We are in the city surrounded by mountains. So general thought maybe: remove curvature, move EASTGATE in place of the trees with cityscape above EASTGATE mountains above that, keep "United Pentecostal Church" small below I like that... can't envision if EASTGATE is better white or cutout, can I see possible color variations on the blue? Thanks! #4
    • About #4, @JonSpringer Hi Jon, thanks for feedback, i already uploaded 2 new designs so please check them, i m trying figure it out with cross in "T" but so far it doesnt look good, but ye, i will try put cross somewhere there, i think i will upload tommorow something more, if u have anything else in mind feel free to tell me :)

    • @jaycobbb Thank you. Looking forward to seeing it.

  • I like the idea. can I see it with a sunburst - like the sun rising on EASTGATE? I like that the cross looks like a sunburst. I will need this to go on already existing area on new building so I need the dimensions wider rather than taller. Thx! #10
  • T in gaTe possible cross variation? don't know if that would throw it off balance... might... you're the pro... tough to fit all those elements in... don't want it too busy...
  • Hello sir Any feedback for my designs #16 #15 I hope you like this ideas i am waiting for your feedback and star rating.
    Thank you :) #16