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Winning design #17 by operhal, Logo Design for Easy Learnin' Contest
Gold Medal

designed by operhal

Project description

We are an online learning design, development and delivery company. Our goal is to provide an avenue for small and medium size businesses to get online learning to their employees easily and quickly. I'd like a logo that includes our company name 'EzLearnin'. The concept should include a man in a hammock using a laptop. Maybe the hammock could be attached to the top of the L and the (') at the end of the company name? Also, I'd like the words (Design. Develop. Deliver.) to run across the bottom of the logo. And I'd like to incorporate a palm tree and some color. The whole concept is that our company makes the process easy, so the logo should have a very laid back feel to it. Our company motto is 'Keep it simple, and try to make it swing'. Keep that in mind as you design. There is an opportunity for additional design work for the right submission. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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  • I think I'd also like to see a simple palm tree and some colors incorporated.
  • I'm not crazy about the EzLearnin font. Also, I'd like a little more definition to the guy in the hammock. And there shouldn't be a (') at the beginning of the graphic, just after the last n. I like the Design, develop, deliver under the bottom of the graphic, but would like that to be justified across the entire graphic.
  • Could we maybe sit this guy up a bit. he looks like he's not really into it. Otherwize looks great! And could we tighten up the font a little bit. it seems like the base line might be a bit off. Maybe something like the font from submission #4. And maybe change the apostrophe to a coconut? or at least brown?
    • Hello sir, Thanks alot for your feedback, I will make the updates on the design very soon , as i am away from my computer for today. Regards.

  • Hi CH, I submitted #12 with a different font from my entry #3. Just want to let you know that the design can be modified in anyway you want but not be copied.
  • Very nice. I think we're getting there. Still open to other designs but this is my favorite so far.
    • Thank you. I am glad that you like it. I will make some more option with different font and I will upload. if is anything else you would like to change/improve please dont hesitate to contact me. My best, operhal

  • Dear CH, please be so kind and check my design #16 (number #15 is the same but there is no apostrophe on it) and let me know what you think. My best
  • Dear CH,#25 for your reference.IF there is any ,pls let me know.Regards.