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Overall I found the contest easy to create and interact with but the design results were mediocre at best

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Winning design #22 by stup4r, Logo Design for EasyShift Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by stup4r

Project description

Objectives: Create a logo and android and iOS app icon for EasyShift. What is EasyShift • EasyShift is an app that Pays folks cash (and other rewards) to complete simple assignments. These assignments are typically data gathering activities in stores or food service locations. The data is collected and aggregated for consumer brands to make decsions abut their products. Quri is the company that develops EasyShift and does the data collection and aggregation. Our clients are consumer brands who will see the EasyShift marks (logo, icon) when making a buying decision • See www.EasyShiftapp.com • https://itunes.apple.com/app/EasyShift/id436826239?mt=8 • www.quri.com Target customers Primary EasyShift user (shifter) who collects data. Our shifters use EasyShift to augment their income or as primary income. They often use similar apps as well. They tend to be passionate about doing good work, helping others and being fairly treated. Secondary Consumer Brand employee typically a sales executive or marketing executive. Who uses it (shifter) • Our users are lean more towards females at 55%. • 70% are between 18-37 years old. • 80% have spent at least some time in college. • Household income: $10k - 15%$ $20-50k - 35% $50-100k - 32% $100k or more - 20% why do they use it (shifter) • Cash/money: 80% • Interest in reviewing things: 6% • New/novel app: 5% • Perks/rewards: 5% Desired experience for shifter • Feeling of trust for the service. The app is a trusted way to discover, complete fun, easy work. • We are on your side. We (the app/service, company behind it) work hard to to ensure that doing good work is easy, there is lots of work for you and you are promptly paid • Fun, high energy, and upbeat. • You are part of something. Brand/product insider but your also part of a team (our company). • Rewarded for good work • Honest work, honest pay. Desired experience for Consumer Brand target EasyShift users are a professional workforce that I can trust to deliver quality data.

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  • Hello, I have a couple questions: —- For the iOS version of the icon, will you like it to be designed for iOS 6 or iOS 7? —- Do the 2 colors chosen (the blue and green) have to be included? Are we able to incorporate other colors as well? Thanks
    • io7 and the app will have the green in it

  • too machine like
  • Most of these are too robotic and cold. I'd like something a little warmer (not fuzzy but friendly) and still professional. We use colfax font elsewhere for example which is a friendlier font
  • Hello CH! Ive submitted #38 and need your feedback, thanks!
  • Hello! I submitted my concepts #23 #24 #25 #26 #27 #28 #29 #30 please let me know your thoughts and what else I could do to improve these for you thank you!
  • Hello CH, u told that most of these desings are robotic and cold so i make something what looks fun, open, clear i hope u like it if u do please give me some feedback #45 to improve desing :)