Eclectic Holistic Health Practice needs elegant, clear, lively and inspiring design connecting mind, body, heart and spirit.

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Winning design #93 by logofoam, Logo Design for Eclectic Holistic Health Practice needs elegant, clear, lively and inspiring design connecting mind, body, heart and spirit. Contest
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designed by logofoam

Project description

The logo should be simple and clear. It should represent health and connect body, mind and heart. Some of the colors I like are sunrise- the beautiful clean light one sees right before sunrise that has a touch of magenta. Other color themes are green and lavender ( lavender on the deeper tones). the logo could be arms with hands opening in the form of a heart with light emanating from the heart and the open hands. Other possibilities may be heart and mind connected and congruent with health and centeredness. I am open to inspirational logos that inspire health, balance, harmony and strength. Another theme is metamorphosis into wholesome beauty and grace the way a worm metamorphoses into a butterfly. By the way none of the colors in the next page are the colors I prefer. I like softer cleaner colors than the choices offered.

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  • Not soft or clear/ peaceful
  • Actually when I said arms and hands, I was thinking more of an embrace or an open prayer/ Qi gong hand position. I appreciate all the efforts. Thank you.
  • I like the green around the heart I wonder how it would look with a softer color around the heart.
  • I like the movement and coming out. I would prefer colors other than black or the black fading out rather than becoming more prominent.
  • It feels too heavy and dark especially on top. Thank you for the revision.
  • feels too dark and heavy, Thank you for the revision
  • still too busy
  • I appreciate the creativity but it is too busy and does not project peace and clarity
  • I really like the softness, lines and tagline. Could you experiment with the colors? Thank you.
  • I like the color. Why change the font?
  • p.s. the tagline was added just to see what it would look like.
  • #10 i designed a hand with heart to symbolize health and the inner workings. but that can also be seen as a bird - metamorphosis, movement etc. soft colours and sunrise tones symbolize nature and beauty. am happy revise, or start from scratch if you have other ideas. peace. = )
  • Second logo proposal: The color variation is applied to give the figure more solidness, hence improving the background foreground distinction as a heartshape. To aid in this distinction the letters are positioned as well to close the contour of the shape. I truly hope you like this design, please deliver feedback. J. Alvarez
  • First logo proposal: An attempt to display a heart composed by hands. The spiral is there to somehow convey the "within" feel. Used the colors violet and green in those specific tones to keep high contrast. Also, the use of two colors is a good way to give character to it, but also to keep it from being a problem at print (gradients are more expensive when they shift from color to color, this is not the case when they tend to white). I noticed in your video that you have and orchid with the same colors as the logo specs, as well as in your website. Is this color palette related to a personal liking?, or does it have a current relationship to the identity of your brand? I ask of this only to dig further into the best solution. I truly hope you like this design, please deliver feedback. J. Alvarez
  • #4 is the revision of #1.
  • I like the use of color and design. I would like to see the arms coming from below with the hands and fingers forming part of the heart so the heart is in the same direction but the hands come from the bottom up like open hands. Thank you.
  • I like the simplicity and the crispness. I would like to see the words in deep purple rather than black and a source of light.
  • one design per entry, no font,size or color variations, no color backgrounds unless the contest holder requests. infraction for
  • Specific additional info for logo designers: LOGO for HFW health from within purple and green magenta and green centered heart/ mind/ brain/ body / spirit wholeness enrich light healing grounded jumping with joy buoyant hand made of heart heart made of hands and holding a light that emanates from the core. a heart that overflows with light and love peace congruence safety infinite
  • #45 I have an individual sitting with a head of a heart. in this way, i have the heart and the brain connected together. they act as one. and the health logo and beautiful colors. I'll be waiting for your feedback.