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Winning design #68 by Elle88, Logo Design for Eco Friendly Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Elle88

Project description

1.  Image is attached, Please follow the illistration
2.  Leaf must have 9 veins
3.Left earth is yellow, Leaf is green, and Right Earth is Blue
4.Land masses covered by transparent lenses, like sun glasses
5.  Earthy, Balanced, Harmony

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  • About #42, @Phouii Sorry, smooth out the grey line in the us. Also blend the yellow on the outside of the globe. it's a little dark.
    • @daniel10 Hello I made the changes please see design #67 and #68

  • Hello I made the changes from the comments given, thank you. #67
  • .......................sorry can't seem to delete
  • About #43, @Phouii, Like it can you smothh out the grey dark line that runs through the southern US?
  • Here is our logo design based on your sketches and we made some modifications to make it better. #53
  • Посмотрите это Сер. Критика очень важна для меня. Я буду стараться. Благодарю! #52
  • Здравствуйте! Дай Вам Бог здоровья! Сэр посмотрите пожалуйста. Критика очень важна для меня . Благодарю #49
  • Будьте добры! Сэр ! Посмотрите пожалуйста! Благодарю. #48
  • Посмотрите пожалуйста Сэр. Дайте оценку. Благодарю #47
  • Проверьте пожалуйста Сэр. Дайте комментарий, над чем работать. Благодарю. #46
  • Проверьте Господин. Дайте пожалуйста комментарий. Благодарю! #44
  • About #22, @creativebang Can you also shink and push up the letters, and make the leaf symmetrical,
    • @daniel10 Thank you very much sir I am Working On it sir.regards

  • About #22, @creativebang There is a cresent moon shape in yellow and blue, can you soften the line or blend it more?
    • @daniel10 Sure sir I can and I am Working On it sir.Thanks and regards.

  • About #32, @tonystarkcl2 , Can you make the colors more primary, but not to dark
  • About #30, @tonystarkcl2, Can you make colors more primary,but not to dark
  • please check it and feedback #38
  • please check it and feedback #37
  • please check it and feedback #36
  • earth, friendly and balanced #29
  • Change fonts, for you review regards. #22